Postal Savings Bank zaozhuang city branch to remind you: card lending risks, proper custody is the key

2022-05-21 0 By

Do you encounter such trouble: encounter a good friend to borrow credit card capital, the heart is hard to avoid entanglement, credit card to lend others to use will there be a problem ah?However, thinking of their friendship for many years, they felt embarrassed not to borrow it, and finally reluctantly lent it to him.In daily life, there are numerous cases of overdue credit card borrowing and affecting personal credit investigation.Risk tip (1) Overdue cost risk credit card after lending, the borrower may not clearly remember the bill date and repayment date of the credit card, easy to cause overdue credit card, once overdue will incur penalty and interest.And if the borrower still does not pay, the final balance may have to be paid off by the cardholder himself.(ii) Risk of credit damage If the borrower fails to repay the credit card on time for a long time, the overdue record may be reported to the People’s Bank of China, which will affect the personal credit investigation of the credit card holder.Once the damage of credit investigation will have a huge negative impact on subsequent loans, house purchase, car purchase, employment and other aspects.(3) Fraud and theft risk During the period of lending the credit card to others, if the credit card is lost or stolen, the card holder will not enjoy the bank’s protection of card loss and other services, and can only bear the loss by himself.(iv) Legal risk If the card borrower conceals the reason of borrowing the card from the card holder, and uses the credit card to carry out malicious overdraft, illegal cash, fraud and other illegal and criminal acts, resulting in the card holder being prosecuted, the card holder shall also bear the corresponding legal responsibility.Please note: credit card is for personal use only. Please keep the card and password properly. Do not rent or lend to others to avoid financial loss and credit impact.