“Small grids” play a big role in fighting the epidemic

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There is such a team, taking advantage of their “familiarity with people, land and circumstances”, running day and night in streets, communities and residential buildings, fighting on the front lines of the battle against the epidemic.They are the “chiefs of lanes”, opening up the “capillaries” of epidemic prevention and control work, and building a big barrier of epidemic prevention and control with small grids.They have a common name — Long grid. They stick to the strict line of defense against the epidemic with hard work and make community residents warm their hearts and feel at ease with their hearts.Since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, The District adhere to the Party building to lead grassroots governance, to promote community epidemic prevention and control.The sub-district CPC Working Committee organizes grid leaders to participate in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control, playing an important role in data verification, grid investigation, epidemic prevention publicity, nucleic acid testing, and checkpoint duty, gathering grid forces for epidemic prevention and control.According to the complex situation of each community, the party working Committee of each street in the steam opening area pressed the shortcut key of targeted prevention and control, established and improved the working mode of “Party organization + grid”, quickly integrated the power of grid leader, material management director, pillar of the floor and volunteers, and turned the grid into the “cell unit” of fighting epidemic disease.By establishing a community livelihood security work group with the grid length as the main group, a full-staff, full-domain and full-time security network is formed, and the industry committees, property committees and grid lengths of each abandoned community are all in place.The Party and mass Work Department has also established assessment standards for community prevention and control work in the steam drive area, and all communities adhere to the “first-ask responsibility system” of grid length, arriving at the call when there is a need.Good coordination to the home of the “last meter” steam open area to the temporary party branch built in the district, the party group built in the grid, grid long become residents at the door of the “single member”.Jincheng Sub-district Party Working Committee carries out the system of “three combinations and six ones” for the community’s containment and control levels, differentiates “urgent need” and “necessary”, and carries out the “three fixed” working method of fixed posts, fixed points and quantitative quantity to determine service points.The grid length determines the delivery mode according to the control level of the community and the building. According to the needs and categories of residents, the materials will be sent to the entrance of the block, the entrance of the building and the door, so that a “grid length” is a flowing “service station” to accurately help the special groups of the grid.In order to give full play to the role of the district Party branch in the fighting fort and political leadership in epidemic prevention and control, The Steam Drive District started the “three long” linkage mode, and developed “two representatives and one committee member” five senior personnel, party members and volunteers into the grid.The Party mass work department also issued a “notice on the establishment of community volunteer service team in the Steam Drive area”, set up “Party members everywhere” in the community, to form “full-time + part-time” complementary advantages of the grid force.For example, members of the “five Elders” family Party branch in the 38th block took the initiative to carry out epidemic prevention and control work in their grid, serving as epidemic prevention and control organizers, security officers, propagandists, mediators and information officers.There are also a series of small and important work, such as “sweeping the building”, transporting living materials, organizing nucleic acid sampling, cleaning and transporting nucleic acid waste, all of which are inseparable from the figures of the grid leaders.On the way to fight the epidemic, under the leadership of Party organizations at all levels in The District, the community grid has achieved full coverage of “Party organization guidance and work guidance”, creating an upgraded version of “Party building leading grassroots governance” in epidemic prevention and control work.Source: Auto Release Changchun release editor: Liu Biying Editor: Chen Sixiu proofread: Wang Genyue Supervisor: Xie Xiaohui