All colleges and universities in Shanghai have adopted the closed management mode according to the campus, and the investigation of all staff has been carried out

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This article was transferred from;The 123rd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai was held at 15:00 on March 15 to introduce the latest situation of the epidemic in Shanghai.Vice secretary of the municipal government, the municipal leading group office of prevention and control of epidemic Gu Honghui, civil affairs bureau chief, the epidemic prevention and control of leading group leader Jiang Rui “, the city health Lu Taohong, deputy director of the committee, deputy director of the municipal education commission, zhen-feng Yang, the municipal leading group for the epidemic prevention and control expert group members, kris, vice President of the Shanghai fudan university school of medicine.Schools and kindergartens have been closed, and people are concerned about colleges and universities.What are the prevention and control measures for colleges and universities?Yang zhenfeng said that we have always given top priority to the safety and health of teachers and students and strengthened the defense line against the epidemic.In accordance with the overall deployment requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work in Shanghai, we have adopted stricter management measures for universities.At present, all colleges and universities in the city have adopted the closed management mode in accordance with the campus to implement the full screening.For schools where all personnel have completed two nucleic acid tests and the results are negative, the closed management mode can be changed to quasi-closed management mode.During the quasi-closure period, cross-campus exchanges and gathering activities are not allowed. The university shall strictly manage the school gate. Incoming students shall submit two negative nucleic acid test reports within 48 hours (with an interval of 24 hours), and strictly check their identity, body temperature, health code and travel code.Students who leave the school need to leave the school according to the application.The mobility of personnel in the campus should be in the wrong area, at the wrong level, at the wrong time and at the wrong peak to avoid the aggregation of personnel.Students, teachers and staff should take nucleic acid test once a week.At the same time, colleges and universities do their best to provide care and support for teachers, students and staff.While cooperating with the CDC, the education system fully excavates its internal resources to ensure the best service in isolation observation, catering supply, site elimination, personnel transfer and material storage.We also require schools to strictly implement safe dining patterns to ensure adequate supply and stable prices during the lockdown period.In addition, schools are required to provide daily services such as bathing, laundry, supermarkets and medical treatment.At present, we have noted that some universities have confirmed cases or asymptomatic infected persons. Under the guidance and arrangement of the CDC, relevant universities are actively responding to the situation.For example, you are interested in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.In Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, some students showed abnormal nucleic acid test results when they visited the fever clinic.We and minhang District together with the school immediately launched the emergency response plan.The school immediately closed minhang Campus in accordance with relevant prevention and control procedures, and the local CDC came to the school to carry out flow investigation. People with abnormal nucleic acid test results were successively screened out and transferred to medical institutions designated by the CDC for treatment.After the implementation of closed management in Minhang Campus of Jiaotong University, one is to quickly implement prevention and control measures, strictly control personnel flow, carry out online teaching in an all-round way, and strengthen daily self-health monitoring and personal protection for all students and staff during the closed management period.Nucleic acid testing will be carried out on all staff every day.Second, strengthen mental health education and counseling services, and accept students’ needs through telephone hotlines and life service platforms.Third, ensure adequate supply of materials and food materials, quickly allocate daily supplies and epidemic prevention materials to meet the needs of teachers and students for daily necessities, medicines and other needs;During the epidemic prevention and control period, we will do our best to carry out garbage collection, transportation and disposal as well as environmental sanitation.In the future, we will make every effort to ensure the health of teachers and students as well as the stability of our campus.