Li Mengzhou, male nurse from Mianyang, Sichuan to Jilin: We protect the health of patients in makeshift hospitals

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On March 31, a total of 301 medical workers in emergency management, hospital sense, respiratory and pharmacy from Sichuan province formed a medical team to aid Jilin Province. The team arrived in Changchun on April 1 and took over a makeshift hospital in changchun with 1,200 beds.Li Mengzhou, a male nurse at the hemodialysis center of Mianyang Central Hospital, is a member of the medical team.After arriving in Jilin, he and his teammates entered the Makeshift hospital of Changchun Workers’ Stadium.At present, makeshift hospitals have treated 600 patients.As for the assistance to Jilin, Li mengzhou said that he had participated in the medical team to aid Hubei and had rich experience in epidemic prevention and control. He would definitely protect the health of patients.According to the command and dispatch of the National Health Commission and the unified deployment of the provincial health Commission, Mianyang city sent 40 medical teams from mianyang Central Hospital (20 people), Mianyang Third People’s Hospital (15 people) and Mianyang 404 Hospital (5 people) on April 1 to provide emergency aid to Jilin.”I received the order on the night of March 31. There were 20 male nurses in our hospital.”Li mengzhou said that on the morning of April 1, he and his colleagues went to the municipal health Commission to meet his teammates in other hospitals, and then rushed to Chengdu to join medical staff from various cities and prefectures in the province. They took a flight to Jilin at noon on the same day.Li mengzhou participated in the assistance to Jilin, mianyang Central Hospital of 20 personnel are all male nurses, half of whom have participated in the fight against the epidemic in Wuhan.”Changchun, the old industrial base, is very quiet because of the epidemic.”‘Changchun is on a plain,’ Mr. Li said. ‘You can see the whole city from your height, and there are few pedestrians on the streets except for police cars and vehicles transporting supplies.’At night, however, the warmth of the city is reflected in the lights from the buildings’ homes.Li said the hospital sense supervision group was set up after they arrived in Changchun on the evening of April 1.”In order to save patients, we must first ensure our own health.”After a brief renovation, the medical team took over the makeshift hospital in changchun Workers’ Gymnasium.Li Mengzhou has participated in the ninth batch of Sichuan medical team to aid Hubei, supporting wuchang designated hospital at that time.”Taking over the hospital this time is different from my previous experience.This time, it is about controlling the source of infection, cutting off the route of transmission and protecting vulnerable people.”In makeshift hospitals, asymptomatic patients are mainly treated in makeshift hospitals, while confirmed patients are transferred to designated hospitals for rescue.April 4 was li’s first shift at the makeshift hospital. “My job that day was to register patients, allocate beds and distribute living materials.”Li mengzhou said that when some family members enter the makeshift hospital together, he tries to arrange them together so that they can be easily taken care of.Li Mengzhou and his wife are mianyang central hospital nurses, the fight against the epidemic in Jilin, Li Mengzhou has been worried about his daughter, every day after work, through the video and her daughter on the phone.”The last time I went to Wuhan, my child was still young.When I come to Jilin this time, my child has grown up and needs his father’s company.”Li mengzhou said, I believe that jilin will soon get better with support from all over the country.