Shuangta District Big Data Investigation and Control Service Center provides strong data guarantee for epidemic prevention and control

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This article is from:Chaoyang daily (up 1 edition) “before the screening control does not have a large data service center, if there is a from the key areas to the staff, the first is we conduct a preliminary verification of the Ministry of Public Security, and then push the villages and towns street for confirmation, and then implement controls, now through the unity of the large data center for personnel information summary, push, greatly shorten the verification time,The investigation pressure at the grass-roots level is reduced, and the work requirements of control measures can be implemented on the day key groups return.”Chaoyang Public Security Bureau forward branch in big data investigation control service center police Lijing told reporters.The Big Data Control and investigation Service Center of Shuangta District was officially put into use in January this year, with staff coming from all townships (towns) in Shuangta District, relevant business departments and municipal public security departments. The center is equipped with special Intranet computers, telephones, electronic screens and other equipment.It is understood that the center of Liaoning province, the regional assistance system data real-time unified summary, check and verify, inform the township (town) street or relevant departments to implement the corresponding control measures for the first time.At the same time, a multi-department coordination mechanism has been established and implemented, and a big data platform has been used to accurately identify suspected cases, close contacts and other high-risk groups, conduct an immediate epidemiological investigation, track their activities, and transport them to centralized isolation sites in a closed loop.In addition, the center also realized timely update and interconnection of data and information, dynamically adjusted the research and judgment work of key areas and areas of focus according to the epidemic situation, achieved the shortest time warning and the fastest push, and realized the seamless connection of investigation and control.According to the person in charge of the Big data investigation and control Service Center of Shuangta District, the center has the function of investigation and summary of the information of the regional assistance system in Liaoning Province, and push the information after verification, which is convenient for the investigation and control units to carry out work according to reliable data classification, and provides efficient information support for the flow adjustment team.Can accurately grasp the information of key population, convenient for research and judgment when necessary;At the same time, it also has many functions, such as opening quarantine points, transferring vehicles and storage of epidemic prevention materials, and dispatching medical technicians.The application of the Big data screening and control service center in Shuangta District has played an important role in the rapid and accurate screening of people and key groups in Shuangta District from key areas, the immediate isolation and control, the immediate feedback and notification of information, and the analysis and analysis of the epidemic situation, and greatly reduced the working pressure of grass-roots staff.Up to now, the center has received 25,296 pieces of data, 25,296 pieces of screening data, and 6,274 inspectors in total.