Tianjin Zhongyuan Research Institute: January-February Tianjin Huancheng second-hand house transaction top100 list

2022-05-22 0 By

From January to February in 2022, 12,500 second-hand houses were sold in Tianjin, with a transaction area of 1.083 million square meters.The number of homes sold in February rose steadily from January to close to the level of the same month in 2021, as the second-hand housing market picked up.Tianjin Zhongyuan Research Institute tracks 100 second-hand housing communities with the most active transactions in downtown Tianjin and the four districts around the city.In the TOP100 list, there are 46 projects in the central city and 54 projects in the four districts around the city.From the perspective of clinched apartment type area, just need is still the main market, the city’s clinched housing average area of 86 square meters, TOP100 community clinched housing average area of 81 square meters.Second – hand housing market just needs the scale to enlarge the trend is obvious.In the TOP100 list, the number of second-hand houses in the four districts around the city was 561, accounting for about 58%, and the transaction area accounted for 62%.From the four districts around the city transaction structure, the second-hand housing transaction hot community is still mainly to just need to deal with the average area of about 86 square meters, the total price is concentrated in 1.2 million.The set of 100-1.2 million transactions accounted for 17%, set of 80-1 million accounted for 23%;Xiqing District has obvious advantages in the integration of industry and city and high maturity of real estate market. It has become the most active region in the transaction of second-hand houses, ranking the first in the number of completed houses and the number of completed houses, accounting for 18% of the whole city and 19% of the completed area.From the plate transaction heat point of view, Dongli District Zhangguizhuang, Wanxin Street, Xiqing Zhangjiawo, Dasi, Jinnan Balitai, small station, Beichen Yixing Port, Beicang is the most active second-hand housing transaction area.The following is an inventory of the volume price of hot communities in the four districts around the city in January-February: Beichen District, Dongli District, Jinnan District, Xiqing District