A: congratulations!Snooker 4 will advance, world champion surprise exit, Ding Junhui Yan Bingtao

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The qualifiers for the Turkish Masters snooker tournament continued on February 6, 2022, with six seeded players, Zhao Xindong, Higgins, Shaun Murphy and Mark Allen, making it through, and world champions Bingham and Barry Hawkins making a surprise exit.Next, Ding Junhui and Yan Bingtao, opponent strength is general, two people are expected to pass smoothly.On the fourth day of qualifying, six of the world’s top 16 seeded players appeared: Chao Xintong, Barry Hawkins, Stuart Bingham, Higgins, Mark Allen and Shaun Murphy.As a result, Barry Hawkins and Stuart Bingham were knocked out and the other four seeded players made it through.World champion Bingham shot 57 and 86 to lose 5-3 to Jackson Page.Barry Hawkins, ranked 11th in the world, only shot a 73 as he recovered from a 2-0 lead to lose 5-3 to Yuan sijun and miss the tournament.Another veteran, Higgins, was also in poor form, at one point down 3-1, but he later found his attacking touch and shot a 100, two shots 60+, 5-3 reverse Pinchis to advance to the main round.Chiu, Shaun Murphy and Mark Allen were steady. Chiu lost only one game to advance to the main round 5-1. Mark Allen and Shaun Murphy both won 5-2.Zhao’s performance in the Champions League group was not so good, but he adjusted in time to defeat former rookie of the Year winner Heather Heathcott by breaking 100 with two strokes and 50+ strokes to win 5-1.There is only one match left for this stage of qualifying, with five Chinese players remaining, including seeded Yan Bingtao, Ding Junhui, Lu Haotian, Liang Wenbo and Zhang Jiankang.Yan Bingtao’s opponent is Harworth, Ding Junhui meets Andrew Padgett, opponent strength is general, as long as the two normal play, is expected to easily advance.Both Yan Bingtao and Ding Junhui have participated in the Champions League and are in good condition. I hope Ding Junhui will seize the opportunity and pass the championship smoothly.In addition, Lu Haotian against veteran O ‘Brien, Liang Wenbo and Zhang Healthy will start the Derby, Ali Carter, Rich Walton, Tom Ford and other famous players will also appear in this match day.The rest of the qualifiers will be held during the main competition. Good luck!