A shares welcomed the start of the year of the Tiger: The Shanghai index rose 2.03%, the growth Enterprise Index rose 0.31%

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Beijing, Feb. 7 (Xinhua Finance) — Three major a-share indexes opened higher on the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger, with the Shanghai and Shenzhen component indexes up more than 2% and the Growth Enterprise Market up nearly 3%.Shanghai afternoon to maintain high concussion, gem refers to continue to weaken.The Shanghai composite index rose 2.03 percent to 3,429.58 at the close of trading.Shenzhen Component Index gained 0.96% to 13456.65;The chinext index rose 0.31 percent to 2,917.86 points.On the North Exchange, stocks rose broadly today, with 63 stocks advancing and only 15 stocks falling by the close.On the hot plates, oil, coal, combustible ice, rare earth permanent magnet, cement and building materials, engineering and construction, and iron and steel industries were the biggest gainers, while COVID-19, aquatic products, education, tourism and hotels, culture and media, communication services, and wind power equipment were the biggest losers.Disk interpretation of West China securities said, A shares are gradually digest negative factors, after the festival is expected to meet A rebound.1) Overseas, the Tone of the Fed’s January rate-setting meeting was hawkish, but the current market has fully expected the Fed to raise interest rates, and the shift of overseas policies will not restrict the domestic monetary policy orientation;2) In terms of micro-liquidity of the stock market, public funds have started self-purchase since January, while restrictions on subscription of popular fund products have been gradually lifted, and incremental funds are expected to flow into A-shares after the holiday.3) During the Spring Festival, overseas stock markets will be barely shaken, domestic policies for steady growth will continue to be strong, and risk appetite in the A-share market will be restored.4) The overall valuation of A-shares is reasonable, and most of shenwan’s first-level industry valuation is below the median since 2010, with A certain margin of safety.Anxin Securities believes that the current market as a whole or has been in the bottom area, as the Spring Festival peripheral stock market recovery caused by confidence, is expected to usher in a wave of shock rebound.The nature of this round of market, for gem refers to only or can be seen as B wave rebound, for Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, or may be a shock up the five wave up market.Although the GEM refers to or just B wave rebound, but for the short-term oversold varieties, or short-term performance catalysis or profits exceed expectations of the varieties, do not exclude the emergence of a rebound worth paying attention to.Message face at present in our country there are 6 m cinema related firms, more than 10000 new record highs last year, according to data from the eye to check at present in our country there are 6 m cinema related firms (names or scope of business including theaters, studios, film, and the status of employment, survival, immigration and emigration), super 6 into the established within five years.In terms of regional distribution, Guangdong province has the largest number of related enterprises, with nearly 8,000;It was followed by Beijing, Jiangsu, Shandong and Sichuan.In the past decade, the number of cinema related enterprises (all enterprises) registered in China has increased year by year, and since 2015, the number of registered enterprises has exceeded 5,000 every year.In 2021, China added more than 10,000 new cinema-related enterprises, hitting a record high.A total of 5.01 million passengers will be transported by civil aviation during the 2022 Spring Festival holiday (Jan 31 to Feb 6), up 40.2 percent from the same period in 2021.According to preliminary statistics, a total of 62,744 flights are guaranteed during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, up 33.3 percent compared with 2021.The average passenger load factor was 58.26%, and the average on-time flight rate was 97.08%, 0.75 and 0.83 percentage points higher than the Spring Festival holiday of 2021, respectively.(Xinhua Finance)