“Educated youth years” military racecourse nostalgia

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Merciless flood bridge collapsed, snow area plan changed.Tianlu more dangerous, leave the story to talk slowly.The bus sped from Fuxian, cutting straight into Gansu province to Xining.I happened to pass the yan ‘an military racecourse where I worked for a year and then disintegrated.In September 1971, unit 203 of the West Office of the General Rear Office selected 300 builders from the educated youth who jumped the queue in northern Shaanxi and enriched them to the horse farm as extras. I was one of them.Soon after the farm was built, the serious consequences of forest destruction were highlighted. Local cadres with conscience were distressed to find the problem and reported it to their superiors, overcoming numerous obstacles, and the construction of the farm was suspended in time.We, the first batch of racecourse builders, were also demobilized or assigned to work in other areas and units, but this special experience in the racecourse is worth remembering.After nearly 50 years, I didn’t expect to be able to visit the old place again.On the opposite side of the former racecourse, a highway leading to Gansu is now being built.On the marble gate base at the entrance of the farm, the brand of “Ren Jiatai Forest Farm” is now written squarely, and the traces of the original horse farm are hard to find.Several old men were sunning themselves in front of the concession stand, so I went over to talk to them.Unexpectedly, a familiar face appeared in front of me. Isn’t this Wang Zhaonan?!I haven’t seen him for decades, and he still lives here.The other side recognized me, and we clasped hands, excited.When I was an accountant at the Horse Farm Food Processing plant, he was the director of the flour processing workshop.We were so close that I didn’t expect to see you here 50 years later.He is more than ten years older than me, is from Gansu Shandan military horse farm support here construction of the old workers.On the face of it, she’s in good spirits and doesn’t look old.It seems that the environment is good, and the air is fresh!I pointed to the gate of the farm and asked him, “Isn’t this the former horse farm? How did the fish pond on the other side disappear?”I remember riding a horse and having my picture taken by the fish pond.”After I delisted from the racecourse, I changed the brand twice. The first time it was called Ren Jia Tai Farm, and then it was changed to the current forest farm.””He said.From the changes of the three brands, we can see the process of changing people’s environmental awareness: running a military racecourse is pure nonsense;Do farm land reclamation soil erosion is not desirable;Forest farm can effectively protect the forest ecological environment.He took a picture with Wang Zhaonan, said goodbye to him and hurried on.The travel plan revolved around the main destination: Tibet.The best time to drive into Tibet: April – May and September – October.The rest of the time or snow, or heavy rain, are not conducive to ordinary road trips.In line with the principle of traveling as far as possible not to go back, take mature self-driving tour routes: Sichuan-Tibet south route (Chengdu to Lhasa) highway into Tibet, return by Qinghai-Tibet road (Lhasa to Golmud).Then the nearest to Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang and other places to travel back to Beijing.However, the plan cannot keep up with the change.Huangling after the tour should have crossed the Qinling Mountains to Hanzhong into Sichuan, from Chengdu to the west, across the Hengduan Mountains to Lhasa….Obviously should not pass through renjiatai area to Gansu.Before departure, I had to browse the official website of qinghai-Tibet Plateau self-driving tour almost every day to get a comprehensive understanding of the weather and various aspects of information.In those days there was continuous heavy rain along the Sichuan-Tibet highway.On August 17, fang Og arrived: The pelong Bridge, the main traffic route of The Sichuan-Tibet highway, was washed down by the mudslide, and the traffic of the whole line was interrupted. A large number of self-driving tourists were stranded on the way, some gave up the original route to return, and some took a detour to the north Road of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, which was more dangerous and congested.It is gratifying news that the armed police force is mobilizing superior forces to repair the damaged bridge.I prayed: there were still more than 20 days before our departure, so many troops are rushing to repair, by then should be able to open to traffic.Unexpectedly, the bridge in the rush repair was once again washed away by the flood!People often say: out of the door is difficult, out of the door is difficult!We have not yet out of the door on the start of the bad ah, it seems to prepare for nearly a year of travel plan at this point and wasted, really unwilling ah!The school started on September 1, so that children who went to Lhasa and Nyingchi region could get to school on time.Armed police soldiers braved the rain to weld a makeshift bridge that could only pass one person.Video footage shows armed police carrying children on their backs as they walk along a fast-flowing river and carry them, one by one, to a shuttle bus in knee-deep water on the other side.The year 2015 is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Government of Tibet Autonomous Region. The celebration will reach its climax on October 1, when the central government will send a high-level delegation to attend the celebration.On the day of daqing, the important highway into Tibet cannot be interrupted. Many Tibetan representatives want to go to Lhasa to participate in the celebrations through it, so it must be repaired and opened to traffic.It seems that only change the original plan to go backwards: first to Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang tourism, waiting for the bridge on the plateau.In this way, when it opened to traffic, it reached the foot of the Kunlun Mountains!I have never thought about it, and I really dare not think about it. I want to take this so-called Chinese and foreign all 8 roads into Tibet, the most difficult one to walk — the new Tibet line.From Xinjiang Yecheng 0 km to Lhasa 2518 km.Three of us over 60 years old, bicycled alone, walked on the world’s highest national highway 219, is the real “heaven road”!The whole trip is above 4500 m, over more than ten cities of more than 5000 meters of snow mountain pass, the highest point is the clay plate at an altitude of 5380 meters, crumbling roads walking difficult, hundreds of kilometers around without vegetation, oxygen is more thin, through hundreds of kilometers of no man’s land, after the famous dead ditch, tourist groups rarely reach here, most routes are no communication signals.Supernormal limit! We’re coming!Against all odds, we won!Journey to the West is written in chronological order.Walking on the New and Sichuan-Tibet routes is the most extraordinary story of the whole journey, which I will highlight in the sequel.Author: Yang Jianmin, Beijing 29 people seven middle school graduates, in January 1969 in yenan yanchang jiaokou commune carry steps brigade to jump the queue, in October 1971, transferred to yanan army horse ranch for accounting, Beijing guanghua dyeing factory in Beijing after work, now retired source: 30 yuan for more wonderful content, fast to focus on a three to see the world