MAO line slight change!On February 8, 2022, feitian Moutai and other baijiu price quotation table

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Today maotai wine a batch price 22 years flying original box up 10 yuan, 20 years flying original box down 20 yuan.On July 10, Mr. Liu bought two bottles of Maotai at the price of 3400 yuan in a tobacco hotel in Zhengan County, Zunyi City. After payment, he found that it was fake wine and asked the store to withdraw one and pay ten in accordance with the food safety law, which was rejected by the owner.On July 12, Mr Liu dials 12315 to inform against this matter to consumer association, eliminate association joint law enforcement team to undertake inspection to this shop, check suspected false Maotai, wine learning.After Maotai counterfeit group identification, inspection of Maotai liquor there are counterfeit liquor, Mr. Liu reported true.After mediation, the owner not only returned 3,400 yuan for the purchase of two bottles of wine, but also compensated Mr. Liu 9,000 yuan on the spot.The store will be investigated by the Bureau of Market Supervision.Xiaobian reminds you that when buying Maotai, you must remember to take good care of shopping invoices and transfer records.If you have doubts about the authenticity of the wine, you can go to the consumer association or Maotai appraisal Service Center for identification.Do not recommend direct and store theory, time consuming.If the other side knows fake sales, naturally ready to renege on the account, once triggered a quarrel, easy to bring unnecessary trouble.