Music and art will be included in the Sichuan high school entrance examination. Will they be the next “inner exam” point?

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Improve the content, method and scoring method of the physical education test in the middle school entrance examination, and gradually improve the physical education score of the middle school entrance examination;To promote the reform of art subjects in the middle school entrance examination, starting from the fall of 2002 junior high school freshmen, all cities (states) will comprehensively include art subjects in the middle school entrance examination and take them as the scoring subjects for the enrollment of high school students.This is sichuan province “on the comprehensive strengthening and improving the new era of school physical education work implementation plan” about the content of the high school entrance examination.In Chengdu, physical education has always been a scoring item in the high school entrance examination. Before 2022, the maximum score of 700 in chengdu high school entrance examination will be 50 points for physical education.Starting in 2022, the full score for physical education will be 60 points and 710 points for the senior high school entrance examination.The change of physical education is to increase the assessment of 10 points from the first day to the third day, and the second is to increase the selection of the unified examination project.And aesthetic education before this has not been included in chengdu’s high school entrance examination project.But Mianyang has included music and fine arts in the exam in 2021, with 10 points each.Now it seems that since Sichuan province has issued the relevant documents, then Chengdu will sooner or later put the aesthetic education examination into the middle school, so sports and aesthetic education need to make up lessons?Will art and body approach be restored at the beginning of small rise?What attitude should we have towards sports and aesthetic education?Because aesthetic education has not been included in the examination, we first look at sports.When my nephew was in junior high school, my sister-in-law was worried about her son’s sports performance.In 2017, chengdu high school physical education examination seat forward bend, long jump, long-distance running these three, a total of 50 points.The slogan passed among parents was “Sports 50 points, must get full marks”.Why do you say so?Parents think it is easier to get points for sports than for academic subjects.So since PE is “easy”, you have to strive for full marks.But I think it’s about right. I mean, to get a full score, if you hurt yourself during exercise, you’re not doing much good.What’s more, I also think that the spread of these slogans is also related to those training institutions: deliberately to cause panic among parents, to attract people to sign up for training.So, I think as long as the school seriously physical education, holidays also honestly in accordance with the requirements of the teacher at home not lazy, high scores or even full marks in the physical education examination is no problem.You don’t have to go to an institution for training.And even without a perfect score, the current grading system doesn’t make that much of a difference.Currently, sports score is divided into 100 points, and 5 points are divided into one level. When translated into 50 points, it is 2.5 points.But don’t forget, there are 4 events to divide the 50 points, so in reality, a grade difference in each event is only 0.625 points.Let me give you an example.Suppose a male student sports selection of the unified test for volleyball, solid ball, long jump and long-distance running.I got full marks in volleyball and solid ball, 95 in the long jump and 90 in the long run.What will the student’s PE score be in the final examination?48 points.The total score gap with 50 points is only 2 points, and this 2 points, excellent students are not rare, poor students get useless.Only in the score line hovering examinee a little useful.That’s why I say there’s no need to spend a lot of time and energy on sports, just “almost”.For future aesthetic education courses, I think we can also follow this principle to decide whether to take remedial courses.Just like eating, if you are not full at noon, you can have tea or snacks in the afternoon, but remember not to blindly follow the trend.Once aesthetic education is also included in the middle school examination, will the status of cultural classes decline?The question parents are concerned about is, will there be more art and music lessons in junior high schools once art and music are included in the middle school exams?If so, will other subjects such as Chinese, math, English and so on be reduced?For now, no such adjustment is needed.According to the regulations, the total number of art class hours in compulsory education should not be less than 9% of the total class hours in this stage.And this provision is also consistent with the “compulsory education curriculum setting experiment program” of the 9%-11% proportion of class hours.So in class hours, should not change, that is to say, even if the aesthetic education into the examination, there is no need for other courses to aesthetic education “way”.But in terms of curriculum content, it may be more diversified, such as adding dance, drama and other local courses.Will art and body approach be restored at the beginning of small rise?Chengdu abolished the art and physical education system in 2020.The previous art and sports enrollment was carried out by the mode of “culture course + art and sports examination”. After passing the art and sports examination, the examinee would determine whether he or she could be admitted by high school according to the comprehensive ranking of the examination results of culture course.Now aesthetic education directly into the high school entrance examination, scores are not counted separately, and under the background of compulsory education nearby enrollment, the possibility of resuming art and physical education at the beginning of primary school is relatively small.Because if the art and physical training is restored at the beginning of small rise, it is bound to increase the heat of art and physical training, which is somewhat contrary to the general direction of “double reduction”.Summary in the final analysis, the aesthetic education into the main purpose of the examination, not to open the degree of differentiation, not to let everyone follow the trend to cram.Here more significance is to cause everyone to pay attention to the degree of physical education, aesthetic education, always cultural performance is to open the gap between the major.Moreover, the assessment standard of physical education and aesthetic education belongs to “standard” rather than “selection”, so the assessment difficulty is not too difficult. There are essential differences between the two.Therefore, as long as students regularly participate in exercise and study, do not always miss classes, and do not slack off, then taking these courses will not be too big a problem.To sum up, I don’t think aesthetic education and sports will be the next “introversion”, but as long as parents stay firm!For more exciting content, come and pay attention to the plan of slowly drawing