Playboy’s Secrets Reveals hefner ‘cheated’ into Bedroom

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Another woman has come forward to accuse Hugh Hefner of evil behavior in the latest episode of Playboy Secrets.Model Audrey Huskey claims the late Playboy CEO, who died in 2017, called her into his bedroom to look at her photos and then forced her to have sex with him while she collapsed in shock.Heskey sobbed to sleep and lay in bed the next day, afraid to tell anyone, for fear of Hefner’s power.Heskey flew to Los Angeles for a two-day audition shoot for Playboy in 1994 and, at the age of 18 and pursuing a modeling career, sent her photos to the magazine.In 1994, she was invited to Los Angeles to live at the Playboy Mansion for a magazine audition shoot.”He was married to Kimberly Conrad,” Heskey says.I read in an article that he had many women, but in his marriage he remained faithful.But Conrad wasn’t there when Heskey arrived, and after the first day of shooting had passed, he invited her into his bedroom to look at the day’s photos.”I was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, deciding whether to go upstairs,” Heskey recalled.”But I was thinking, you only live once.This is my chance.It’s a great opportunity for me to network, get out there and build my career.”However, Hefner’s “business” reason for inviting her in quickly disappeared.After entering the room, Heskey noted, he immediately took her to bed and began pulling off his pants as she froze with fear.When asked if he had sex with her without her consent, Heskey affirmed.”I didn’t give him permission. What should I do?Would it help if I said no?I don’t know.Heskey was later taken to a hostel, where she cried herself to sleep, and her shoot was cancelled the next day.Fearing Hefner’s fame and power, Heskey didn’t tell anyone about the incident afterward.Heskey said Hefner’s wife, Conrad, called her to ask if she was “willing” or “coerced” when she learned of the incident, and that heskey, afraid of causing an incident, lied about his willingness.(Hugh Hefner at a wildlife awards with wife Kimberly Conrad in 2003.) Still, heskey’s modeling career hasn’t been helped.She received a letter later, a letter terminating her contract, the photos she took were never published in the magazine, and she never saw Hefner again after that brief meeting.Looking back on this ugly past, Heskey feels that he has been protecting Hefner, but he was thrown away like a piece of garbage, and he had to shut up.The experience also taught her not to let men do whatever they want to her.The Playboy brand is no longer part of the Hefner family after MountainCrest Group bought it for $381 million last year.Hefner’s horrific past “crimes” have been revealed in the wake of the documentary the Playboy Secret, which aired in the US.Heskey said Hefner’s ex-girlfriend, Sandra Theodore, from 1976 to 1981, encouraged her to come forward and decided to do the same after learning Theodore was involved in Playboy’s Secret.Article from hundred number “Zoetrope fun more”, strictly prohibit any commercial handling or plagiarism.For more interesting information, please click “follow” author ~