So many days away from school, do you miss them?Let’s see

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“I don’t start to leave only if you turn and look back” marina cure a frame for a picture of memories are all a hotchpotch of scenery will be done with small honey scratchable latex let the beauty of the marina medical reproduce library into the library to open the door to knowledge is knowledge hall lights beautiful sounds of mo words is the key to human intelligence to wander kung kung lake lake to watch the sparkling lake count the kung wonderful art schoolTraining is like a mirror of the lake washing every student’s heart white fan pavilion stands in the middle of renxin Lake white fan pavilion although the four changes through the wind and sun as rain and snow bullying but the only constant is the students that braving the wind and waves,Your dedication to the medical cause inspires and urges generations of students. We will always remember this ardent teaching. The sky of the dormitory is like blue water and clouds, like white lotus and green.Like water plants, the small home bell of the dormitory with red roof and blue coat is full of warmthFloor plays in the early morning bells across the lake to good morning greetings evening bells echoed against the setting sun off a day of busy tower stands I will remember to see you no matter where marina office buildings look up medical books is are you high tall and straight posture to the marina park against the blue sky in the outer wall is grand and atmospheric decor not extinguish the light in darkness is a work of leaders and teachers of the college studentsActivity center badminton hall, table tennis hall from the gym, office and large space carrying countless people’s passion and sweat of the round building is always row boat to the student comprehensive development, through the sea of memory even though the four seasons alternately, changing of the marina medical JingCong not bleak every shot each place all likelihood that the colors on painting landscape, such as poetry,The scroll of beauty freezes in our beauty