Weihai, Shandong province: New Year’s greetings

2022-05-23 0 By

Shandong News (Correspondent Liu Yuxia editor Zhang Xinwei Liu Yanmei) On February 1, 2022, volunteers of Weihai City, Shandong Province, China red Pioneers went to Derun Apartment for the elderly in Rongcheng city to pay New Year’s greetings to the elderly.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, volunteers carrying candies, bananas, sugar oranges, etc., came to derun apartment for the elderly, to pay New Year’s greetings to the elderly, and the elderly chat, wish the elderly health and good luck.Some old people can not get up, they help the old man to feed.The old man was so touched that he held the volunteer’s hand for a long time, just like seeing his own children.We learned that on the first day of the Chinese New Year, the cleaning aunt went home for the Chinese New Year, leaving only the chef and the dean.Volunteers took immediate action, washing clothes for the elderly, cleaning rooms, halls, restaurants and so on.Clean every room from the first floor to the third floor.The dean was full of praise for the volunteers, thanking them for coming and helping.”Old and old”, this activity, volunteers bring happiness and warmth to the old people, as long as everyone gives a little love, the society will become more harmonious and beautiful.Participants in this activity (ranked in no particular order) : Dong Yongping, Zou Haitao, Zou Jixing, Liu Yuxia, a total of 4 people.(Photo by Zou Haitao)