Whether a woman is blessed or not depends on the husband she marries

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# in women’s eyes, what kind of man is a good man # as the saying goes: men are afraid of entering the wrong line, women are afraid of marrying the wrong lang.Visible, the stand or fall of marriage is special for the woman’s life.And what kind of man to marry, directly determines a woman in marriage happiness index.If you want to know whether a woman is happy in this life, it is not to see whether she lives in a villa, driving a luxury car, or whether she lives a luxurious life every day, but to see her husband’s personality and temperament, character style can be inferred whether she is happy.If a woman marries one of the following men, her life will be happy and happy.Romain Rolland, a French writer, said: the only greatness of marriage lies in the only love, the mutual loyalty of two hearts.Whether both husband and wife are devoted to their lover is the primary condition to decide whether marriage is happy or not.In love and marriage, the most painful thing for a woman is her husband’s betrayal of her feelings.No matter she is abandoned by her husband, or her husband flies the “colorful flag” outside, the “red flag does not fall” at home, for a woman, is the pain of the heart.For most women, the Gleason’s gain says she prefers a faithful man of modest means to a promiscuous one who gives her plenty.Therefore, to know whether a woman’s marriage is happy, we need to see whether her husband is a decent style, monogamous feelings of the man.A decent man keeps a proper distance from the opposite sex.Even if the other party is a client, boss, he will only remain polite and polite, never overly attentive.Because in his mind, his wife is the only one worth waiting on.He did not want his wife to be jealous and sad because he was good to other women.Even if the opposite sex shows good to him frequently, make eye contact, he will also subtly refuse the ambiguous of the other side, do not provoke “romantic debt”.To him, the wild flowers were so colorful that they were only a passing sight.And his wife is the brightest star in his heart.A decent man has this kind of self-consciousness and self-discipline only because he has a loyal, unchanging love for his wife.Women marry such men, even if the hardship is worth it.Besides, husband and wife work together with one heart and one mind, why worry about life will not be more happy?It has often been said that home is a warm harbor.And as the head of a man, his personality and temper, directly affecting the temperature of the whole family.If you want to know whether a woman is happy or not, you can see her husband’s temper.If a man is a stubborn, hot-tempered person, his wife is doomed to suffer and suffer in life.If a woman has a complete home for children, she can only be a resentful woman, swallowing grievances and anger silently, and living in “purgatory”.If a woman can’t bear a man’s bad temper, the home must be a “battlefield” every day, “smoke filled”.On the other hand, if a woman marries a man who is open-minded and easy-going, she will be blessed in this life.Because a man of good temper, he will not be a male chauvinist, dogmatic, but know how to take care of his wife’s feelings, respect his wife’s opinions.He will not be petty, for some trivial life and his wife haggle over every ounce, contend with red face neck thick.It’s about having enough love and patience to understand, forgive and tolerate your wife.Because he felt that the family is a place to talk about love, not a reasonable place, there is no need to fight over who wins everything.Even if the fight to win the truth, but will lose feelings.If a woman marries this kind of open-minded, gentle man, there will be no quarrel, anger, everyday mood is relaxed and happy.Mental state is good, natural qi shun liver shu, the heart ning shen Ann, the body will not give birth to miscellaneous diseases.Physical health god yue, this for women, isn’t it a blessing?Some believe that a woman who marries a man with money will be put on the gain list because she has a secure life without having to work hard.Not necessarily.Even if a man has inherited a great fortune from his father, if he does not strive for progress and works hard, one day he will be in vain.If he goes on drinking and gambling, any amount of money will soon be squandered by him.When he went to the end of his rope, and even heavily in debt, he would not only be angry and scold his wife and children, but also take risks for money, to steal, rob, fraud and other evil acts.If a woman marries a man who is full of such bad habits, she will surely fall into bad luck in the end.Only when a woman marries a man who is not only free from bad habits, but also diligent and aspirant, can she hope to be happy.Even if the man comes from a modest background, he will have a bright future.Because this kind of guy is “potential”.Aggressive men, diligent in work and outstanding in performance, will naturally be valued by leaders.Why worry about the workplace will not be promoted salary increase, official career will not be successful?And the virtue of good conduct, more for his life boat escort, so that he in the right track smoothly go down.Men’s career success, women naturally follow happiness, face is infinite glory.Therefore, a woman who marries a man with ambition and no bad habits is blessed with good luck!Writer Zhang Xiaoxian has said that when choosing a partner, a man can be poor, ugly or plain, but he has no sense of responsibility.”Bear” means a man has a strong sense of responsibility for his family, wife and children.To judge whether a man is a qualified husband and father, the first step is to see whether he is committed.A woman will be absolutely happy if she marries a responsible man.A responsible man, outside, he will in order to let his wife and children live more happy and do their best to struggle;At home, he will bear hardships first, enjoy last, love children, considerate wife.Every day as soon as I get off work, I go home to accompany my wife and children and help my wife share all kinds of housework.If we see a married man like this, we can conclude that his wife is relieved and happy in heart.In life, there are some men who have no responsibility.Tall and mighty as he was, strong and strong, he could not be the support of his wife and children.Because he’s selfish and doesn’t care about his family.Even if he earned a few dollars, he would not think of buying anything for his wife and children.He only enjoys himself, either eating and drinking with fair-weather friends or going to places of entertainment to enjoy himself.Back home, he is also shaking hands, holding a mobile phone, knocking on the keyboard, playing happily.She was busy in front of him, and he didn’t see her.In his view, the wife is used to give birth to children and do housework.If women get married to such people, they must die tired and angry, so what else is happiness?Only a man who loves his family can truly be counted as the backbone of the family, the backbone of his wife and children.A woman married to such a man, even if it is not to wear gold and silver, enjoy life, but her heart will be full of happiness — this is spiritual abundance.So, if you want to know whether a woman is lucky, you have to see what kind of man she has married.Man’s “appearance” decided the woman’s mood, decided the quality of marriage, more decided the fate of a woman’s life!Can let a woman feel happy life of the man, he is not necessarily rich, talented, handsome boy, beautiful man, but must be a moral and love his wife’s man!If you are a woman, lucky to have the vision to pick such a man, must cherish him, because he must be able to bring you happiness!