A: congratulations!China’s two leading skiers have won one gold and one silver to help the team break the record

2022-05-24 0 By

February 15, the Lantern Festival day in China, the Beijing Olympics was in full swing in progress, in today’s events will GuAiLing and created a surprise to us, after the women’s freestyle gold chemical big platform project GuAiLing and obstacle in the women’s slope project in silver, in addition to that, at the same time, young players Su Yi sing for our country to win a gold medal,Therefore, the number of gold MEDALS in China is as high as 6, successfully breaking through the previous record when participating in the competition!Born in 2004, Su yiming, 17, is a talented snowboarder who has competed in a number of events at the Winter Olympics. He also performed well in the previous days, finishing second in the men’s snowboard slopestyle event.Today, Su Yiming competed again, this time he participated in the men’s snowboard platform project, in the competition Su Yiming also showed us the “snow flying man” visual feast, have to say su Yiming is really too strong, so far he has won a gold and a silver in the Winter Olympics!Won two MEDALS in the tournament and GuAiLing, well-known GuAiLing is a 00 after young players, but also a naturalized players, her father is an American mother is Chinese, as a half-blood boy, GuAiLing like China very much, later in the encouragement of family also successfully turned the Chinese nationality,And it is worth mentioning GuAiLing skiing is also a genius girl, as early as in before medal competition in various competitions, the Olympics also GuAiLing for the first time to participate in, as a young player GuAiLing is very severe, as early as the beginning of the Olympic winter games in weak woman big platform project in breakthrough self, then in today’s again took the silver medal in the women’s slope barrier,Excellent!GuAiLing and Su Yi sound two star medal award to medal number of teams in our country, at present, China’s gold medal number has 6 MEDALS, silver and bronze MEDALS, respectively, have 4 and 2 pieces, so it both individual gold medal number and the total number of MEDALS are beyond the previous team in the Olympics in China, have to say that athletes are really great, ice and snowI hope the follow-up events continue to work hard, come on!