Amid the festivities, beware of “holiday syndrome.

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The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is a time when everyone is immersed in a happy, peaceful and festive atmosphere, visiting relatives and friends, going out for fun and enjoying delicious food.Lunar New Year holiday for most people, this is a very happy thing, but when after work or after school, a lot of people, or they get troubles –, eat not sweet, sleep is bad, depressed, the mood is not high, inattention, work, study efficiency drops, sometimes easy to lose his temper, this is what we need to guard against “holiday syndrome”.Holiday syndrome refers to the physiological and psychological reactions that people appear after the holidays. The common symptoms are depressed and weak at work after the holidays. Some patients may even have nausea and vomiting, anorexia, dizziness and other symptoms, which are related to the disorder of people’s work and rest rules.Longer holidays will disrupt our inherent rules of life, such as diet, sleep, exercise and other aspects, which will lead to the decline of our body’s immunity, dizziness, headache, limb weakness, low mood, decreased energy, loss of appetite and other symptoms.How to avoid “holiday syndrome”, we just need to do the following things can effectively avoid: first, to ensure a good sleep.Keep a daily routine, go to bed and wake up early, avoid staying up late as much as possible, avoid getting too excited before bed, and reduce the use of cell phones and other electronic devices as you like.Good sleep, can improve the body immunity, regulate mood, restore energy state, improve study or work efficiency.Try taking a hot shower and listening to soft music before bed to help your brain relax and fall asleep faster.But if you have trouble falling asleep for a long time, wake up early and dream more, you should seek medical help.Second, avoid heavy drinking.During the holiday, people visit relatives and friends, inevitably drink, drink, but remember to drink in moderation, a lot of drinking will not only have adverse effects on digestive function, cardiovascular function, but also affect people’s mental state, such as pathological drunkness, insomnia, anxiety, concentration, memory loss, etc..And the patient that has body disease and other psychological disease to itself should contraindicate drinking more.Third, avoid overeating.Relatives and friends get together during the holiday, we may eat far more than ordinary food, and more high oil, high in fat, sugar, prone to binge eating, to make the body’s digestive system overloads, even some of the digestive tract symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal distention, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal discomfort, sometimes even induce the occurrence of acute pancreatitis.It is recommended to eat a reasonable diet with meat and vegetables, avoid overeating and eating before bed.Fourth, maintain proper exercise.During the long vacation, the body clock is easily disrupted. Visiting relatives and friends, parties and so on will reduce the amount of exercise, which will lead to sleepiness and fatigue.Suggest appropriate exercise, set aside half an hour to an hour of exercise time every day, so that the body can quickly restore vitality, maintain a positive and healthy state.Fifth, maintain a good state of mind.After the celebration, avoid too emotional, avoid moodiness, maintain a good emotional state, appropriate shift of attention, relax, are conducive to return to the best state of work and study after the holiday.Article | Map of Psychological behavioral Medicine | Web editor | Jin Xiaofang, Yu Miao