“Dafong Dafeng Ren” has become a counterpoint, and two books with similar titles have become popular

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Hello, everyone, click attention, away from the book shortage, I push book sauce water color cold no trace.The popularity of The novel was well known when it was serialized.But after the end of “Da Bong Beat more people”, its popularity can not be dispersed for a long time until now.Such enduring popularity also gives some authors hope.After the end of “Dafeng Dafeng Ren”, a novel named “Dawei Reader”, because the title is too similar to “Dafeng Dafeng Ren”, attracted the attention of many readers.Besides being curious, more readers still want to see what the story of this novel, which “imitated” The novel, is about.No matter whether the author chose such a title has any other ideas, even if inadvertently “touch porcelain”, it also for “Big Wei Reader” this novel pulled a lot of popularity.And finally, “big Wei Reader” or in the conception of the success of the starting point on the xianxia novel best-selling list of the first place, until the end.Although it is a cool article, or a not so mature cool article, but still let the author won a lot of attention.Every coin has its two.With the first “try” of “Big Wei Scholar”, recently there was another novel with a title similar to “Big Feng Dozen more people” and fire up.This novel is from the big Sui Storyteller, who is not an old dog.It can be seen that whether it is the form of phrase, or the number of words, are similar to “Da Feng Da More people”, but also very similar to “Da Wei Reader”.This has to let a person think of, this just boarded the starting point xianxia novel best-selling list of the second “big Sui storyteller”, it is possible to rub heat.But it doesn’t matter.If the quality of the novel is amazing, the reader doesn’t care whether it looks or looks alike.”Big Sui storyteller” tells the story of the protagonist through the big Sui, has storytelling ability, but every said a book, will appear around the role in the book to do protection.Needless to say, this setting is also extremely interesting.Such a disguised invincible setting, also let this novel is destined to become a cool article.However, if you can continue to throw cool points, win the recognition of readers, also can be regarded as a successful cool article.From this point of view, “Da Feng Da Jian Ren” has no problem as a foil to whether other novels are good enough.And already two novels have gone viral with titles similar to “Da Bong Beat Gen Ren”.That’s not a privilege all novels can enjoy.I don’t know what you think of “Dabongdaegengren” and the other two novels?