Klay promoting the Couple’s new show and making fun of her relationship with Rocco. So funny

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The Warriors lost 114-116 at home to the Knicks in the NBA regular season.The game, the warriors star Stephen curry played well, had 35 points and 2 rebounds and 10 assists and steals, 1 teammates clay – Thompson had 17 points, seven rebounds, five assists and 1 block, but the outbreak of the “spray brothers” failed to help the team win the game, they regret swallowed two defeats.After the game, Clay spoke to the media.However, there was an interesting moment during the interview when Curry popped up during klay’s interview to remind him to promote his new variety show About Last Night with wife Ayesha.”By the way, it’s going to be on HBO,” Klay said after curry’s cue.”I heard there are some unmarried freaks on the show. I haven’t been invited yet, but it’s a great show anyway, and maybe Rocco and I will go one day.”Clay said.Klay seemed unfazed by the loss, promoting the couple’s new show.Curry and his wife, Ayesha, will star in a TV entertainment show called “About Last Night,” which will air on HBO.But in addition to focusing on the curry couple’s new show, klay’s comments during the interview also drew a lot of attention from fans, especially when he said he would bring Rocco along.In fact, Rocco was Clay’s longtime dog, Rocco.Clay is known to have taken a number of women to the streets, including supermodel Hannah Stocking, dancer Sache Lamonte, football fan Evie Kristine and Hollywood actress Laura Harrier.Clay’s girlfriends were goddesses, to say the least.However, Clay’s philantryous nature ultimately prevents him from having a long-term relationship, and ultimately only rocco stays with him.As such, Klay’s relationship with Rocco was so deep that even his Warriors teammates joked about his relationship with Rocco.It’s funny how many fans believe Rocco is now klay’s “love interest.”This article by the elder brother kan ball original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!