Night banquet in Tang Palace is popular again, why tang Culture is enduring?

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Henan SATELLITE TV innovative program “Tang Palace Banquet”, the modeling of the actors from the Tang Sancai dance and music figure, they each dance movement of the stop-motion screen has been carefully designed, not only reference to the numerous unearthed dance and music figure posture, but also reference “Han Xizai Night Banquet picture” and other famous paintings in the Tang dynasty dance and music song concubine image.The actors and actresses are wearing tang Dynasty full-breasted dresses, which are tied high on the breast line with cloth straps. The upper dresses are tied into the lower skirts, showing enchanting and elegant charm when dancing.The color of the dress is still based on the tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty.Combining the traditional culture with the modern stage, it can be said that the innovation is full of creativity!Why does the tang culture endure and be sung for thousands of years?First on the Tang dynasty territory.First kaiyuan heyday, after the prosperity, the outbreak of the famous “An Shi Rebellion”, silo separation, eunuch chaos, foreign invasion, peasant uprising……After almost all the upheavals, the Tang dynasty survived for 152 years despite six capital collapses and nine emperor removals. With a solid foundation, the Tang Dynasty stands ahead of both ancient and modern times at home and abroad.In addition, up to now, most countries in the world have a street, called “Chinatown”, this street is the gathering place of Chinese people, all the decorations, culture and so on are based on the Tang Dynasty Chinese culture and modification, continuation.As for culture, the most powerful “product” of the Tang Dynasty was its system. Japan and Silla on the Korean Peninsula almost copied the Tang Dynasty completely, including the official system, imperial examination, household registration, taxation, culture and education, capital system and other basic systems, including Japan’s famous “Dahua Reform”.The legal system of tang Dynasty also became “standard in East Asia”. “Law” was equivalent to criminal law, and “order” was equivalent to administrative regulations.The current study of Chinese legal history often studies tang law on the basis of Japanese law and French version, which shows that Japanese law at that time imitated tang system deeply.Tang costume is also inherited for thousands of years.Chan says he wears tang suits on important international occasions, which seems to have become his trademark.In 2016, Jackie Chan received an honorary Oscar, wearing a black Tang suit. Jackie was very satisfied with his clothes: “Today, many people see me in a Tang suit and say Beautiful!Ask me what this is?I say this is China’s first-class high class dress!”As old ancient capital of chang ‘an, is now in the western region developed cultural tourism city, in thousands of years history, yi yi, if you want to learn Chinese in one thousand, the world famous one of the world’s four big ancient capital, the cradle of Chinese civilization, the starting point of the silk road, celebrates its longest, celebrates its most dynasties in Chinese history, the capital of the most influential,Xi ‘an, the most famous ancient capital of China, is a must-visit city.Chinese culture has been around for 5000 years, but very few have survived and are still popular.We look forward to inheriting and developing more excellent traditional culture, alternating with time and space, and sharing the same sky with the ancients.