This year, Jinan will strive to open the Yellow River Avenue and start construction of metro Line 7 and Line 9

2022-05-24 0 By

February 12, Jinan urban and rural transport bureau held the city’s transport work and style construction annual mobilization meeting.Jinan transportation bureau party secretary, director Cao Dianjun, jinan this year will focus on urban road network construction.The city was expanded to the north and east. A number of backbone road networks, such as huanghe Avenue and Gangyuan Road 6, were opened to traffic, and the construction of backbone road networks, such as Kaiyuan Road and Chunxuan Road, was promoted.Implement congestion control projects such as Yaoshan South Road and Daweizhuang East Road to improve regional traffic;We will strengthen the construction of urban branch roads and smooth the microcirculation of the road network.The city’s new urban road reconstruction 140 kilometers, and constantly improve the density of Jinan road network.The second phase of Line 3, Line 4, Line 6, the first phase of Line 8 and the construction of tram to Jiyang will be vigorously promoted, and the first phase of Line 7 and Line 9 will be vigorously started.We will actively explore and implement comprehensive development of rail transit TOD to promote intensive and efficient urban development.Reporter: Yang Tian