Why did the volleyball association choose CAI Bin as the head coach of the Chinese women’s Volleyball team instead of Wang Baoquan

2022-05-24 0 By

CAI Bin and Wang Baoquan are both well-known coaches in China and qualified to take over as the head coach of the national team. Why did the Volleyball Association choose CAI Bin at last?I think two words: responsibility.When CAI bin was interviewed by state media after receiving his appointment, he spoke of his responsibility.The Chinese women’s Volleyball team lost in The Tokyo Olympic Games. Whoever becomes the new head coach will face great pressure. It is impossible for The Chinese women’s volleyball team to rise again without responsibility.CAI Bin and Wang Baoquan two coaching experience, CAI Bin spirit of responsibility is far higher than Wang Baoquan.CAI Bin is a professional coach, in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, many teams have coached, at the same time led each team has won the championship, this is the only domestic coach.When CAI Bin accepted the Beijing team and Jiangsu team, the team ranked outside the top eight. CAI Bin led the Beijing and Jiangsu women’s volleyball team to win the gold medal in three years. The elite soldiers immediately trained hard and helped the new team to face the difficulties.On the other hand, wang Baoquan, when the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team became more and more difficult, demanded the introduction of high-level internal and external aid, instead of improving the performance through training within the team, which was a lack of responsibility.Both CAI Bin and Wang Baoquan have experience as head coaches of the national team. Although CAI Bin failed to make a breakthrough, CAI Bin tried every means to change his playing style and tried various personnel combinations when he was the head coach of the national team, which is the performance of responsibility.On the other hand, Wang Baoquan had conflicts with his team members during training. Instead of actively dealing with the conflicts, he directly ran away and ended his career as head coach of the national team. This is a typical example of how not to take responsibility.If we choose someone who is not responsible as the head coach of China Women’s Volleyball Team, we can imagine the result, let alone lead China women’s volleyball team to rise again, I am afraid that even the team will not be able to bring down.