Winter vacation to avoid children addicted to mobile phone tips, edutainment, is the best way

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Winter vacation is coming, and parents who spend 24 hours with their children are in a state of utter rage.In order to ease the burden of children, academic institutes have been suspended.The outbreak of the epidemic scattered around the winter vacation children stay at home, in front of their parents for the longest time.This has become the true portrayal of many children in winter vacation, however, in such a closed winter vacation, most parents in addition to angry temper, the most afraid of things, is the child overindulged in the world of mobile phones.For children who have grown up in the Internet age, mobile phones have become a necessity in their lives, almost impossible to get rid of.However, there is no teacher’s attention during the winter vacation, no time occupation of after-school tutoring classes, children playing mobile phones, seems to have become the indisputable choice.However, being immersed in mobile phones for a long time will not only affect their health, but also make them completely immersed in the world of mobile phones and games.At the same time, parents worry that it will affect their studies.In fact, parents have such concerns is understandable, after all, children have poor self-control, and the colorful pictures in the world of mobile phones, even adults can not produce a strong resistance, let alone children?As a parent, if you have the same problem during the winter vacation, you might as well adopt the following ways to face it, and you can avoid your children being immersed in the world of mobile phones.1, to understand: the mobile phone era, can not be completely abandoned if children play mobile phones or games, the attitude of parents is very resistant, will only stimulate the rebellious psychology of children.As a parent, it is important to understand that in the age of mobile phones and the Internet, children cannot be separated from mobile phones.Whether it is finishing the teacher’s homework or searching for information, it has become a part of their life and study.Only parents have a correct understanding of this behavior and can give rational guidance for playing mobile phones and games.2, to teach children: how to use the phone when the child is playing with the phone, the parents’ emotions and the first reaction, is very critical and important.However, if parents want to control how often their children use their phones, how they communicate with them is just as important as teaching them how to use them.Some contents in the mobile phone world are not suitable for children to read and browse. Parents should teach their children how to distinguish and use mobile phones correctly, so as to prevent them from being trapped in the bad information and game world.3, and children agreed to use mobile phone frequency and occasions if you want to let children in winter vacation to avoid playing too much mobile phone, parents should also try to agree with them to use mobile phone frequency and time.For example: Agree to only use your phone for 30 minutes at a time, and then study or exercise.As long as we can reach a consensus with our children, we can not only form a good habit of using mobile phones, but also cultivate their strong spirit of self-discipline.4, parents face their children, to control the impulse to play mobile phones in order to control the frequency of their children to play mobile phones during the winter vacation, as parents should first restrain themselves, in front of their children, try not to play mobile phones.When parents can put down their mobile phones and accompany their children to immerse themselves in the world of games, they naturally can not think of the rich and wonderful world of mobile phones, because parents’ company, more fun.5, and the child agreement: parents have the right to supervise if parents want to in the winter vacation and summer vacation, avoid children into the world of mobile phone unable to extricate themselves, parents and children to make a clear agreement.Parents can browse their mobile phones at any time for inspection and have guardianship rights as parents of minors.When parents give the phone to the child, this point must let the child have full awareness and alert.This is not only a wake-up call for children, but also to remind parents that there is a responsibility to supervise and manage children, although parents do not necessarily refer to, but parents have such rights.Suhomlinsky has said many times that everyone who is committed to education should tolerate children’s weaknesses.Most children have a strong curiosity for new things without parental control.The world of the Internet is rich and colorful, children, naturally willing to spend time in it to study, make their winter vacation life become more meaningful.However, in any case, excessive immersion in the world of mobile phones and the Internet can do great harm to children at the school stage.Parents who have the same problems during the winter vacation may wish to adopt these methods and principles. When children play with mobile phones and indulge in the Internet, they will be able to restrain and alert.What do you think are the effective ways to prevent children from playing mobile phones during the winter vacation?Feel free to share them below.