Yao Ming is so fair!Key decision to Yang Ming men’s basketball hope, Du Feng or will lose for the second time

2022-05-24 0 By

Beijing time On February 25, Du Feng’s position as men’s basketball coach seems not so stable as imagined, especially now, yao Ming’s basketball association issued a new decision.Make a decision after yao Ming, in the new World Cup and Olympic Games preparation cycle, the open system of double team again, and if I open this system, so the decision for Du Feng, however, is not necessarily a good news, because if it is really use double team system, must choose a new coach, but another national team coach who is?At present, it is certain to let a young handsome upper, and the most likely upper is Yang Ming.Because those older, established coaches, such as Li Chunjiang and others, they will not be able to lead such a national team, can not be ashamed to compete with young people.Therefore, if the second national team is really established, there are two people who are most likely to become the head coach, one is Liu Weiwei and the other is Yang Ming, Yang Ming’s probability is even the largest.After all, Liaoning and Guangdong are the top two teams in Chinese basketball right now, and they are the main rivals for the championship, so to speak, each other’s sworn enemies.Previous All-Star voting can reflect this, four of the five starting teams in the southern region are From Guangdong, while all the five starting teams in the northern region are from Liaoning, which shows that when you talk about Chinese basketball, you can’t avoid these two teams.So now Du Feng becomes the head coach of the national team, then another head coach of the national team has no more suitable than Liaoning young coach Yang Ming.Yang Ming is younger than Du Feng, compared to Du Feng, he only needs some experience accumulation can continue to grow, both of them can be cultivated as the best coaches in Chinese basketball in the next 20 years.In this case, if Yang Ming is appointed as the head coach of another national team, he will not only train the players, but also the coach, which is equivalent to killing two birds with one stone.Therefore, Yao Ming is more likely to let Yang Ming lead another team in order to satisfy the Liaoning party.If he leads a team on his own, there will be a direct competition, depending on the results.After all, if Du Feng is better off with the core of the national team than Yang Ming with the talent of the national team, then the obvious question is, can Du still hold the position?It’s impossible.Therefore, at least from the establishment of the national team model of this moment, the Chinese men’s basketball coach’s position there has been a trace of twists and turns and the possibility of change.If there is only a national team like before, there is no danger of changing the position with Du Feng in charge, and it is impossible.But now that Yao’s big decision has been made, du feng’s position has increased a great deal of uncertainty.Could he continue to coach men’s basketball in the future?It is hard to say, after all, du Feng lost to Li Nan without command, because of this familiar pattern of double national teams.