Henan: Sister found her brother’s bracelet made of staples

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Henan: sister found brother with staples do bracelets net friend: not technical school pity luoyang: sister found brother with staples do bracelets to whom?Valentine’s Day, whether to consider sending a gift to his girlfriend, or to love the girl confession, send some creative, thoughtful gifts, may be more able to make girls happy and like oh.In Luoyang, Henan province, a sister was shocked to find her brother’s bracelet made of staples.(according to Xiaoxiang, Star video) this bracelet is more experience, looks more luxurious, advanced, grade, the key is the material is very ordinary, can be said to change the decadent to magic, reflects the spirit of craftsman, no wonder some netizens exclaimed, this craft, not technical school pity.This means to make fun of, later can go to a factory to make screws, or jewelry factory work.Actually, it should be called creative design or jewelry design. Some netizens think that my brother studied it.There are netizens for tutorials, probably want to do a look, so there are bloggers to study, pondering for a long time, imitation of a, pondering the tutorial, the network can be searched.Some netizens think talent and luxury.Indeed, there are a lot of Chinese talents, masters in the folk, there are high people everywhere.Then the question came, the sister was shocked. Who was this gift for?Not necessarily for my sister, maybe for my girlfriend or schoolmate.The elder sister may not share, but the elder sister likes, the younger brother can create a, belong to pure manual customization, but also can make some details.Sister, brother, this probably didn’t know kung fu, can make ordinary staple a a beautiful bracelet, some girls may like jewelry, and more special, exclusive of, the key is if a guy can make and design of the bracelet, the sincerity is full, the gift is not expensive, the price, is that your sincerity, your heart,And non-replicability.So, life is designed everywhere, life is learned everywhere, it is the source of life, very common material, but because of the creative creator, coruscate life, the key is to compare new ideas, let a person think of.We do we media, in fact, is a craft, but also need creativity, not blindly template, need innovation, creation, creativity, but also need to constantly polish themselves.Works are nothing more than words, materials are nothing more than life, but also need to be creative, attention to details.Hot style can not make, but also need to constantly thinking and trying, any success is difficult, may need a long period of hard work and experience some frustration and failure, but can be the audience, net friend like, amazing, exclaimed, actually is also a sense of achievement, more important is to have fun, and to share their experience and happy!Growth is a long time, no one can casually succeed, the younger brother may be thinking, testing for a long time, before the sister’s exclamation and netizens praise, at that moment, he became the eldest brother, full of halo!Keeping green forever (937 words) | kundera media culture studios Zheng Yu other: some pictures for the simulation of imagination, do not represent words mean.