How to become a qualified CPA

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Certified public accountants first need to pass the unified national examination of certified public accountants, that is, certified public accountants professional stage and comprehensive stage of all subject exams.Only when you pass the exam at the professional level can you take the exam at the comprehensive level.The hundred-mark system is adopted in every subject examination for certified public accountants.1. Registration of certified public accountants.The registered accounting examination is only held once a year. Candidates with a college degree or above, or intermediate professional title in accounting or related majors, and one of the requirements can apply for the examination of certified public accountants.2. The CPA exam is divided into the professional stage and the comprehensive stage. There are 6 subjects in the professional stage, namely accounting, auditing, economic law, financial cost management, corporate strategy and risk management, and tax law.
3. Certified public accountants are classified into practicing public accountants and non-practicing public accountants. Those who have passed the CPA examination can apply for joining the Institute of Certified Public Accountants as non-practicing members.After the successful application is a real CPA with the sole audit signature power, that is, the real CPA.4. To be a qualified CPA, personal clerical skills is the foundation, the professional communication skills, careful caution, at work, computer skills, English listening, speaking, reading and writing), at the same time, must have the solid specialized knowledge, the study of accounting theory knowledge more deeply, and concluded that analysis ability, can see through the surface of things.