Old, how to avoid stroke?Requirements are not high, daily eat these 4 kinds of food

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To the middle and old age stage to prevent more types of disease, because the aging speed is accelerated when the age increases, coupled with the young indulgence of their own bad habits, will gradually drag on the body, organ damage over time, leaving health risks, some serious diseases will invade.Some people are affected by stroke, which is associated with an incorrect lifestyle, so it’s important to know in advance what to do to prevent the disease.Eating more of some foods can maintain blood vessels and keep them open, so that diseases can stay away.1, Onions in order to avoid stroke, usually can be appropriate to eat Onions.Onions, as a representative of the healthy vegetables its rich nutrient content, in order to let blood vessels elastic, keep smooth state, eat Onions help, the inside of the prostaglandin which helps dilate blood vessels, dredge blood vessels, of course, there are many kinds of trace elements, vitamins can meet the requirements, after obtaining blood vessels are elastic, blood circulation and keep the normal,Can avoid some indicators too high impact on body health, stick to the stroke and other serious diseases can be prevented.2, the most important thing to prevent stroke is to keep the blood vessels in the brain functioning normally, and the regular intake of oats in life has this effect.Oat, as a healthy representative of coarse grain, has a strong sense of satiety. For people with three high levels, eating more oat is helpful for index control and weight stability.Oatmeal can reduce the intake of other fine foods, thus maintaining the normal life activities, but also to avoid excessive energy supply, which makes the body fat.If the blood is sticky and blood sugar is unstable, eating more oats is helpful, and if the blood vessels in the brain are less damaged after the index is stabilized, stroke can be prevented.3, deep-sea fish some people like meat, but do not choose the right meat food, the same may cause disease.For people prone to stroke, it is necessary to actively regulate blood lipids to avoid excessive levels of serum cholesterol and triglyceride, and deep-sea fish that can play a role in this aspect is recommended to eat more.Compared with other fatty meat, it contains less fat and cholesterol, but it can also provide protein for human body. The unsaturated fatty acids in it can reduce blood viscosity after obtaining, so as to maintain good circulation.Deep-sea fish can be eaten properly if you want blood vessels to be more open.4, kelp to prevent stroke, usually can eat kelp appropriately.Kelp, as a common seafood, is cheap and high in yield. It can be rich in minerals and trace elements when boiling soup with kelp.Some people originally have high blood pressure, which will make blood vessels bear greater pressure, blood vessels become fragile, and the risk of rupture and bleeding is large. However, eating kelp properly can provide potassium ions, which can promote the excretion of sodium ions after meeting the needs, so as to better control blood pressure.# MEDUSA Media Group ## Project Cool Breeze #