“Plant” this green Arbor Day Qingdao primary and middle school students do so

2022-05-25 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter Liu Kaiqi planted trees and added green just in time.Childlike innocence green, students adopt a tree on campus;Home can also plant “spring”, carried out “cloud” tree planting interactive activities;Combined with garbage classification, environmental protection and low-carbon first……Recently, the island city of primary and secondary schools to carry out a series of unique Arbor Day activities, training students to establish a correct concept of labor, improve environmental protection, green and low-carbon awareness.In the Arbor Day activities of Qingdao Dingtao Road primary school, under the call of the school, the students have collected love green green knowledge, launched a heated exchange and discussion.Wooded toto school campus, students spontaneously organized “adopt a tree” activity, the squadron claimed a tree in the campus, and elaborate design “point card”, write full squadron love green protect green slogan and small coup, added the vitality of spring, for the campus to “cherish the green Care about “environment internalization in heart externalized in line.Planting a “hope tree” can also help families plant “spring” affected by the epidemic. The children from Class 1, Grade 5 of Shibei District Second Experimental Primary School carried out a “cloud” tree planting interactive activity to feel the long-term significance of afforestation for the environment in a unique way.The activity is divided into two parts: wish tree and cloud tree planting.In the activity of sowing wish trees, students planted wish trees by hand painting, drawing their determination to fight against the epidemic tree and the hope tree for a beautiful spring.Cloud tree planting activity is a cloud upgrade of last year’s class to carry out the activity of planting saplings together. Through the alipay ant forest public welfare activity of planting “leading the way” in the desert forest, family cloud planting trees, also experienced the significance of afforestation, but also to donate love for the desert area.Qindao School in Shinan District will combine Arbor Day with garbage classification to establish students’ awareness of environmental protection and understand the importance of pulling knot classification.The students of the school not only drew a hand-copy of the topic related to garbage classification, but also took the lead in practicing garbage classification.They at home, in addition, also took to the streets to preach and popularize, will pick up the garbage classification put, with practical action to build a green, civilized, happy home to make their own efforts.