Poor blood slave?Don’t forget the relatives and friends back home who were cheated by them!Net friend: unspeakable sympathy

2022-05-25 0 By

On February 17, the Official weibo account of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia announced that a Chinese man surnamed Li was admitted to the First Hospital of China and Cambodia. He was forced to smuggle into Cambodia by a criminal gang. Later, he was illegally detained by a gambling gang and received multiple large doses of blood.A young man from Jiangsu province was kidnapped to Cambodia and became a “blood slave”. His blood was drawn 7 times in half a year, each time 350ml or even 700ml. The “blood slave” incident was shocking.If you don’t help fraudsters cheat your relatives and friends of money, you have to be sold by fraudsters by draining your blood and selling your organs until you run out of oil and die. In the 21st century, there are even blood slaves worse than serfs and labor slaves. It’s amazing.Normal blood donation is usually 200 ml, need at least six weeks to recover, if the maximum amount of 400 ml, it takes three months, the premise is to strengthen nutrition.”Blood slave” Li Yaming in that kind of lost freedom in the environment, in the hands of those exterminating human fraud gangs, how can supplement nutrition?If not in time to escape, the final result is bound to be the body tissue failure and death, and the same encounter not only Li Yaming, these compatriots were organized “captive” in secret locations, bullying, was squeezed dry blood, think of creepy.We are used to a peaceful and harmonious social environment at home. Who would have thought there would be such a dehumanizing crime against humanity just in the southeastern corner of our country?From Pingxiang in Guangxi province, Li Yaming was smuggled to Vietnam and then to Cambodia by water. Without a well-organized transnational criminal group behind her, Li Yaming and her compatriots in the same situation would not have been so easily kidnapped overseas.There must be something hateful about a poor man!Many netizens said that we must be clear about the nature of the people who went to Cambodia from their own country, and there is no need to cover up. Most of them are accomplices who are engaged in fraud activities in those “no matter what” places with dreams of making money.After all, scum is scum everywhere, and only the ability to harm their fellow countrymen!Although it is a tragedy for them to have “blood slaves”, it is true that their colleagues do not come when they understand the fundamental purpose of their smuggling.These do not hesitate to make use of means to deceive domestic compatriots, bring about thousands of families and family destruction of crooked melon crack jujube ran to Cambodia, formed a fraud group, in turn harm their countrymen.Are they not recompense for all their SINS?Recently, the public security department has arrested a number of cambodians engaged in Internet fraud, cracking down on Chinese telecom fraud abroad has achieved some success.Now, the home regard these outlaw person as cheater or its accomplice, abroad still faces the cruel situation that reduces the hematopoietic factory of local fraud group or organ warehouse, their only outlet is to respond to policy call, take the initiative to contact with the relevant organs of the country, return to China as soon as possible to surrender to the police, change evil ways.