Solve problems for enterprises!Panyu Luopu Street Government Service Center received a pennant

2022-05-25 0 By

On the afternoon of March 25th, Wuzhou Decoration World and Wuzhou Building Materials Center, two subordinate companies of Luopu Street Wuzhou City Enterprise in Panyu District, jointly sent a banner of “dare to create a good business environment and bravely solve problems as a service enterprise” to luopu Street Government Service Center in Panyu District.Send pennants scene learned, panyu district, wuzhou city, since this year has been in los pu pu street street, government affairs service center window to handle the business more than 20 cases, because of this enterprise has always been by the enterprise for more than its market merchants unified business agents, each time to deal with the matters of species are relatively more and deal with personnel also to vary each time, there was a error, lead to submit information.Center staff timely feedback to the head of the situation, as a result of the discussion optimization, open a green channel, head of the center decided to window to deal with the business for the enterprise, to accelerate the progress of examination and approval, proactive policy advice for the enterprise, involved in the business such as active phone return visit process, ensure enterprise in the shortest time to get the relevant certificates.The business representative of Wuzhou City said that because Wuzhou City involved many markets in the area under the jurisdiction of Lupu Street, the staff of lupu Street administrative Service Center were enthusiastic, patient and active, giving them a lot of help and support and saving a lot of time.The center’s good service attitude and high efficiency make them feel warm.After receiving the flag, the person in charge of luopu Street government service Center said, “stay true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind”, it has always been their mission to do practical things for enterprises and solve difficult problems. The people’s confirmation is a spur to further speed up, improve quality and improve efficiency of the center’s window service.There is no end to improving the business environment, and service quality is always on the way.The center always puts the interests of the people in the first place. In the future work, the center will continue to care about and pay attention to the development of enterprises, think about what enterprises think and solve the difficulties of enterprises, earnestly implement the reform measures of “decentralization, regulation and service”, fully release the policy dividend, and continue to serve enterprises and the people.Photo: Rong Media reporter Dai Rui correspondent Wu Yaqin panyu