The PMP guide for 2022 is here!Super complete super detailed!

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With the development of PMP certification, PMP certification has become more and more known by more and more people. Every year, many people join the army of PMP certification. In order to help candidates better prepare for the exam, the following is a guide about the 2022 PMP examination for everyone to learn and exchange.Three PMP exams are planned for 2022, in March, June and September. The March PMP exam is only open to candidates who were scheduled to take the exam on November 28, 2021.If you haven’t registered yet, you can only register for the exams in June and September.If you want to obtain evidence this year, you are advised to apply for the certificate in June, considering uncertainties such as the epidemic and revision.1) Project management experience: Three years of project management experience is required for bachelor degree or above;Five years of project management experience is required for undergraduate students (our company will guide you through the whole process to ensure that you pass the PMI qualification examination and complete the registration successfully!)2) Training Experience: Applicants for the PMP certification must meet specific educational and professional experience requirements.All project management experience must have been accumulated in the 8 consecutive years since the date of application submission.PMP registration process: obtain 35PDU credit certificate — pass the English and Chinese registration audit — pay the fee after passing the Chinese registration — print the admission ticket.: IT is impossible to complete the registration for PMP exam by yourself, so we need official authorized institutions to conduct unified registration.English application: Submit English application materials on PMI official website and the result will be reviewed one week after the application is submitted. If the application is approved, the Chinese application will be carried out. If the application is not approved, the English application information needs to be revised and the application will be resubmitted.Application in Chinese: If you have passed the Chinese application examination and paid the fee on the website of China Foundation for International Exchange of Personnel, you can take the PMP certification examination arranged in China. If you fail to pass the examination, you can re-submit the examination after modification.PMP exam fees To take part in the PMP exam, you must attend training, general training fees in 2000-3000.Test fee: The first test fee is 3900 yuan. If you fail the first test, the make-up fee is 2500 yuan.PMP includes 180 multiple choice questions (both in Chinese and English), of which 170 are single choice questions and 10 are multiple choice questions, most of which are situational questions.The reform after the examination, the content of the exam in three areas: people, processes, business environment with a combination of hard skills + soft skills, management skills, theory to practice, application and actual case analysis) personnel: conflict management, leadership team and support team performance, the authorized training, problem solving, negotiation, collaboration, etc.;Process: communication, assessment and risk management, planning and managing resources, schedule planning, deliverables, quality, scope management, change, etc.Business environment: planning and managing project compliance, assessing project delivery benefits and value, assessing the impact of business changes on project scope, providing support, etc.Whether you want to improve yourself, challenge for high salaries, or enter a relevant industry or position, now is the prime time to sign up for the test!