The UK’s 48 group Club “Icebreakers” 2022 Chinese New Year celebration was held successfully

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London, January 26, People’s Daily Online (Wu Yidan, Dong Qing) The “Icebreaker” 2022 Chinese New Year celebration jointly organized by the 48 Group Club, the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK and the China-Britain Business Council was successfully held online.Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a congratulatory letter to the “Icebreakers” 2022 Spring Festival celebration.Noting that In the 1950s, British entrepreneurs represented by Jack Perry embarked on an “ice-breaking journey”, breaking the ice of western trade with China.This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of China-UK diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level. Looking back, we will never forget the older generation of friends who made historic contributions to the development of China-UK relations.Looking ahead, I hope that insightful people and business representatives of our two countries will uphold the “ice-breaking spirit”, expand mutually beneficial cooperation, inject new meaning into China-UK friendship and bring more benefits to our two countries and peoples.In his speech, Zheng zeguang stressed that President Xi’s congratulatory message fully reflects China’s positive attitude towards developing China-UK relations and its high expectations for visionary people and representatives of the business communities of the two countries.I hope that people of vision from all walks of life in our two countries will respond to President Xi’s call, carry forward the “ice-breaking spirit”, strengthen confidence and make positive contributions to the sound and steady development of China-UK relations at a new historical starting point.In particular, he pointed out that we should not be afraid of “obstacles” and have firm confidence in cooperation.To be a “pioneer tiger” and share China’s development opportunities;Strive to be a “struggling tiger” and create mutually beneficial and win-win results.I hope you will grasp the trend of The Times, break the ice that has hindered our normal exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation in the new era, and inject positive energy into China-UK cooperation.We will actively promote dialogue and cooperation between China and the UK in various fields and strive for early action and early harvest.Play their respective advantages, deepen trade, investment, finance, manufacturing, infrastructure, and other areas of the traditional cooperation, expand health care, financial science and technology, green energy, digital economy, creative industry, and other areas of the new practical cooperation, develop the third party market cooperation and build a new bright spot, more cooperation and better benefit the two peoples and the people of the world.Chinese Ambassador to the UK Zheng Zeguang delivered a speech.Under the theme of “Celebrating The Chinese New Year, Moving Towards a New Future”, nearly 500 guests from China and the UK gathered in the cloud to celebrate the Chinese New Year and move towards a new future together.Britain’s former chancellor of the exchequer Lord Hammond, Britain’s trade commissioner Wu Qiao, the 48 group club chairman Stephen perry, the British chamber of commerce of China, London branch of bank of China governor Fang Wenjian, uk-china trade association, chairman of the HSBC group public affairs director Sir Sherard cowper-coles and other guests attended the event and delivered a speech.Lord Hammond, former Chancellor of the Exchequer of the UK, said in his speech that China is the world’s second largest economy and plays an important role in the UK’s export market and import source.At present, forecasts show that both the Chinese and British economies are recovering strongly. British companies will continue to actively seek opportunities to tap into the rapidly growing Chinese consumer market, and China will become an important partner of the UK after Brexit.Speech by Lord Hammond, former Chancellor of the Exchequer.Wu Qiuwen, British Trade Commissioner in China of the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK, said that economy and trade have always been the mainstay of China-UK relations.Both China and the UK see each other as important markets and UK investment in China continues to grow.Chinese companies recognise the TRANSPARENT and predictable investment environment in the UK, and the UK welcomes their contribution to the UK’s green transformation.In the future, the UK will work with Chinese companies to develop electric vehicle manufacturing and renewable energy supply chains, and jointly contribute to the green economy.Stephen Perry, president of the 48 Group Club, said this was the 45th Lunar New Year celebration organized by the entire icebreaker team.China and the UK enjoy great potential for development. We should continue to maintain bilateral trade, strengthen dialogue and enhance mutual understanding.Speech by Stephen Perry, president of the 48 Group Club.British chamber of commerce in China for the British chamber of commerce of China, London branch of bank of China governor Fang Wenjian said in his speech, in China the tiger is a symbol of strength, courage, determination and confidence, hope that in the current bilateral relations face new opportunities and challenges, the two sides can be more open and inclusive, win-win cooperation, in the coming year of the tiger to initiate a new future.Fang Wenjian, Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK and Head of bank of China London delivered a speech.Sir Peter Koo, Chairman of the China-Britain Business Council and director of Public affairs of HSBC group, congratulated guests on the Chinese New Year of the Tiger and praised the remarkable contribution of the Chinese community to British society.I hope China and the UK will work together to strengthen economic, commercial and cultural ties, build up momentum in the New Year, enhance mutual trust and inject new vitality into china-UK economic and trade cooperation.Sir Peter Koo, Chairman of the China-Britain Business Council and HSBC Group Public Affairs Director, delivered a speech.The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the UK said that this year’s event was once again held online, and the atmosphere was happy and warm, full of spring and festive atmosphere.The organizers set up a special cultural interaction, in the Year of the Tiger food program for everyone to present the year of the Tiger “Italian dishes”, showing the extensive and profound Chinese food culture.Wonderful singing performances and Chinese folk dance performances were even more exciting, creating a special atmosphere of the Year of the Tiger on the Cloud.To express their expectations and wishes for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the audience also watched a chorus of songs from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The Olympic ice and snow festival brings together traditional Chinese culture and brings this “Ice Breaker” Celebration to a successful conclusion.It is learnt that the event is co-hosted by the 48 Group Club, the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK and the China-UK Business Council. Over the years, the three organizers have provided a platform for exchanges and dialogue between people from all walks of life in China and the UK, helped boost China-UK economic and trade cooperation and jointly pushed forward China-UK friendly relations.