Yuxing Police Station of Yuhua Public Security Sub-bureau carried out warning education on honesty and discipline

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To work hard to “catch specification, promote to develop, tree image” study and implement internal regulations of the people’s police of the public security organ theme activities, strengthen interior management during the Spring Festival, strict work, study and life order, continuous transformation thought, change your habits, improve style, has already made his yuhua public security bureau police station combined with actual work “cast shield, bright red,Promote integrity “safety education, the” three passes “, so that the rules really become the norm of the team, rectify order, improve the image of the winning weapon, effectively build a solid police, auxiliary police anti-corrosion ideological defense, vigorously display yuhua public security “loyalty, integrity, hard work, responsibility” of the good mental outlook.At the meeting, wang Bowen, the director of the institute, took “grasping norms, promoting cultivation, tree image” as an opportunity to learn and implement the “public security organs people’s police internal affairs Regulations” theme practice activities, closely combined with the current reality, education we should put the “three” : one is the good ideological and political.Through learning all kinds of safety education documents issued by the superior, to further improve the ideological and political consciousness of the civil and auxiliary police.Educate all the people and auxiliary police to keep a clear head at all times, resolutely reject the occurrence of disciplinary violations, and ensure that all police do not step on the bottom line of morality, do not cross the red line of discipline, and do not touch the high pressure line of law.Second, we will do a good job of overseeing clean government.Yuxing Police Station closely focuses on duty preparation, law enforcement and case handling, police vehicle management, digital certificates, window services and police appearance and discipline to carry out comprehensive self-examination and investigation to ensure the stable development of the team.Third, we must do a good job in the education of clean government.Yuxing police station warns people by preaching typical cases, educating people about things around them, constantly reminding and ringing alarm bells, and strictly preventing the occurrence of all kinds of violations of laws and regulations.