A Spanish princess who was given a monthly stipend for her cheating husband

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Recently Spain’s emperor Urdangarin derailed the affair made the uproar, announced after the dissolution of marriage, as the protagonist Urdangarin chose to return to his mother’s home to live.Spanish media analyzed that the picture of Urdangarin hanging out with other women in the street caused so much damage that the princess decided to break off her marriage without hesitation.However, such neatness does not mean that the princess is emotionally resolute.Urdangarin received a monthly payment from his ex-wife, Princess Cristina, according to ABC news.The princess reportedly signed a document with her ex-husband stipulating that he would receive the monthly payment in order to prevent urdangarin from financial hardship as he was already an ex-convict.It’s important to note that this money was not a recent transaction, it was made immediately after his release.Under the terms of the deal, Urdangarin will receive an allowance of around 6,000 euros a month, a tiny sum for a princess who earns 400,000 euros a year.Implicated in her husband’s economic case, the princess has been expelled from her royal family and finds a stable job at her father’s friend’s foundation.Although Christina is used to living on a large budget, her annual salary of 400,000 euros is enough to cover her daily expenses.The fact that the princess did not choose to “break up” with her husband even after he cheated on her proves that she still has feelings for him.When the affair first came to light, and her husband appeared in the streets of the practice is different from the princess’s whereabouts more secretive and low-key.She did not want to respond or be disturbed by the media.In order to avoid the media, Christina chose to stay at a friend’s house, which has an environment away from the hustle and bustle.It has a single house and an elevator from the garage to the house, so the princess does not have to be seen.At the beginning, the princess was not used to living alone, and Once Christina was photographed on the street with a shopping bag in her hand, accompanied by bodyguards.At that time, it was already nine o ‘clock in the evening, in the camera princess Christina dark sadness, re-appeared in front of people she lost a lot of weight.In fact, this marriage is based on love, but one person loves more and one person loves less.After entering marriage, two people’s feelings and life have undergone earth-shaking changes.If two people have no intention to manage this relationship, blindly holding a pessimistic attitude to face all kinds of problems in life, this marriage is naturally unable to make each other happy.Urdangarin is rumoured to regret his affair and has apologised to his ex-wife, who he hopes will forgive him for his escapade.Perhaps two people still have some nostalgia for this section of feelings, but it is not easy to make up for the fault committed, hurt wounds are difficult to heal that day.The loss of moral imprisonment will make life out of control, once the intimate relationship between husband and wife is damaged, it is difficult to repair and repair.