Changan Mazda won six crash tests

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On October 28, “C-IASI China Auto Insurance Safety Index” (hereinafter referred to as C-IASI) released the results of the first batch of models evaluated based on the China Insurance Auto Safety Index regulations (2020 edition), and changan MAZDA 2021 CX-30 won the “G” rating of all 6 all-around.Since MAZDA cx-30 has been launched in the global market, it has successively won the “2019 European e-ncap five-star safety rating”, “2020 north American IIHSding safety rating” and “2020 Australian a-ncap five-star safety rating”.With the release of the 2021 c-IASI China Auto Safety Index, MAZDA CX-30 has successfully completed the Global Grand Slam of Ding Rating for safety performance.From North America, to Europe, from Australia, to Asia, Mazda brand with solid safety crash results, interpretation of driving pleasure, safety performance is the same as the world, never compromise.In recent years, “C-IASI China Auto Insurance Safety Index” with authoritative, professional and real crash test system and standards, has become an important reference index for the majority of consumers to measure the safety performance of the automobile, for the domestic auto safety set up a new standard.Compared with the “2017 Edition of China Insurance Vehicle Safety Index Regulation”, the “2020 edition of China Insurance Vehicle Safety Index Regulation” has fully upgraded the “Crashworthiness and Maintenance economic Index” and “Vehicle Auxiliary Safety Index”, and the subdivision evaluation standard is more stringent.The 2021 MAZDA CX-30 received the highest “G” rating in six categories: frontal 25% offset crash, side impact, roof strength, vehicle-assist safety, seat/headrest, and layman safety.One of the most notable is the “frontal 25% offset crash” test.In this test, the front anti-collision beam assembly, engine compartment rail and other important components bearing impact were avoided, and the impact was transmitted to the lower part of the cockpit and a-pillar through the front anti-collision beam and the left side of the engine compartment.Under the huge impact force, if the A-pillar and the cockpit collapse and bend, the safety of the cockpit occupants will be in jeopardy.The 2021 MAZDA CX-30 received the highest “G” rating in terms of body structure (a-pillar, cockpit, etc.) and dummy head/neck/chest/thigh/hip/calf/foot, as well as airbag coverage.The 2021 MAZDA CX-30 was born in Changan MAZDA Nanjing Factory, one of the best MAZDA factories in the world. It strictly follows MAZDA’s global standards in the field of safety and quality.In terms of passive safety, the 2021 MAZDA CX-30 fully adopts the “All-new Generation Of SKY Blue Vehicle Construction technology (SKY-VA)”. The body adopts the world’s first developed 1,310 Mpa high tension steel cold-formed parts, and the use rate of 590 Mpa or higher high tensile strength steel reaches 54%.Ranked first in class.At the same time, all the new cars adopt large airbags that meet the five-star requirements of IHSS crash test in the United States, and all models are equipped with 7 airbags, including the knee airbags of the main driver seat, the main and co-pilot airbags and side airbags.For active safety, the 2021 MAZDA CX-30 comes with an upgraded I-ActivSense Intelligent Safety Assist system that includes:MRCC full speed domain adaptive cruise system LDWS lane departure warning system, LAS Lane keeping assist system, SBS intelligent forward brake assist system, HBC adaptive high beam control system, BSM blind spot monitoring system, RCTA reversing warning system, etc.Provide a full range of technology safety protection for drivers.The 2021 MAZDA CX-30 is also fully upgraded in terms of comfort and intelligence, with no extra price.2.0L AT quality and 2.0L AT Elegance, all fabric seats are upgraded to leather seats, the price remains the same;For the 2.0L AT Jiayue and 2.0L AT Yaoyue models, the main driver is upgraded to 10-way electric adjustment with seat memory, the rearview mirror is upgraded with memory function, and the interior is upgraded to black leather and brown design. The price remains the same.Quality Yue, Yayue, Jiayue three models provide LED headlight automatic switch system, intelligent rainfall sensing type advanced follow-up water spray boneless wiper, front intelligent safety auxiliary system three technology configuration optional;After the latest, the whole series of models to provide technology accompanying package (including remote control system) optional.Since its launch in May 2020, MAZDA CX-30 has conquered countless young urban users and families with crossover charm of “the new generation of travel SUV”.In addition to topping the World in safety, the MAZDA CX-30 has also been selected as the “World Car of the Year” and “China SUV of the Year” at the 2020 World Car Awards.Honor is the embodiment of strength.The MAZDA CX-30 stands out in fashion with its travel aesthetics, representing a new value benchmark in the mid – and high-end small SUV market, both on the world automotive stage and in the Chinese automotive market.Ten reasons to choose Ma Zhiyue: first, large sales, many car sources, natural low car price;Two, more customers, good reputation, let the profit of nature;Three, good environment, more pin crown, customers trust;Four, the car source is sufficient, the variety is many, the car is natural fast;Five, the strength is strong, the car is sufficient, the procedure is complete naturally;Six, the traffic is good, easy to find, buy a car naturally convenient;Seven, 4S shop, good service, after-sales natural worry;Eight, the threshold is low, but also interest free, mortgage natural province;Nine, capital enough, certificate with the car, buy a car naturally rest assured;Ten, on the strength, on the benefits, on the service, of course, choose guangzhou Mazda to buy Mazda to Guangxi Flagship store star service reliable ▼ Activity time From February 20, 2022 to February 22, 2022