Provincial Health commission: to ensure the implementation of the “three-child policy” to explore the implementation of parental leave

2022-05-26 0 By

On February 24, a press conference on the Development Plan for Women and Children of Hunan Province (2021-2025) was held in Changsha.The Women’s and Children’s Development Plan has set new requirements for the continuous improvement of women’s and children’s health services, with a view to better indicators, better quality of services and higher protection priorities.Yi Lu, deputy director of the provincial Health Commission, said that in recent years, the health level of women and children in Hunan province has been improving, and the core indicators of maternal and child health are significantly better than the national average.However, the health of women and children in Hunan province is still facing the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development. Especially, with the adjustment of birth policy, the demand for second and third children is increasing, and the proportion of elderly puerpera is increasing, which puts forward higher requirements for quality and balanced medical and health care services.In the new “women planning”, put forward the “whole life cycle of women enjoy good health service, the maternal mortality rate under the control of 12/10, women cervical cancer and breast cancer prevention consciousness distinct enhancement, reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis b, to promote women’s reproductive health care services and popularize health knowledge to improve maternal and child health literacy,” such as the goal,Set up a “perfect system of women’s health protection mechanism, strengthening the construction of women’s and children’s health service system, to carry out the whole life cycle of women’s health management, to ensure the safety of maternal childbirth, perfecting the system for the prevention and control of cervical cancer and breast cancer and treatment policy, prevention and control mother-to-child transmission of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis b, improve the level of women’s reproductive health and promote women’s health literacy” policy measures.In the new “children’s program”, “more children health care services, to better health of children, children under the age of five, infant mortality and neonatal mortality respectively control under 6 ‰, 5 ‰ and 3 ‰, build perfect coverage before marriage, pregnancy, newborn and child birth defects prevention system at each stage, the prevention and control of birth defects,Children’s common diseases and malignant tumors such as serious damage to the children’s health effectively prevention and treatment of diseases “such as the goal, set up the” priority to ensure children’s health, improve the children’s health service system, strengthen the child care service and management, to ensure the safety of children under 5 years of age and health, strengthen the comprehensive prevention and treatment of birth defects, strengthen and improve children’s nutrition children disease prevention “policy measures.In order to promote the implementation of the “three-child policy” in Hunan Province, the development plan for women and children has also put forward a series of new requirements.We will implement the systems of maternity leave and paternity leave for spouses, explore ways to provide parents with parental leave, improve and improve the maternity security system that covers both urban and rural women, explore ways to establish a multilevel maternity security system for urban and rural residents, with basic medical insurance as the main body and various forms of maternity subsidies as supplements, and raise the level of maternity medical treatment and maternity subsidies for women.We will increase the supply of universal child-care institutions and kindergartens, encourage employers to build standardized facilities for mothers and infants, encourage employers to provide female employees with welfare care services for infants between the ages of 1 and 3, and encourage employers to negotiate in accordance with the law to determine flexible holidays and flexible working methods that are conducive to infant care.We will promote the comprehensive early development of children aged 0-3, build a high-quality public service system for preschool education, and continuously promote education equity and the supply of high-quality education resources.(Wang Shiying)