Eat bamboo shoots in spring!Here are some tips to learn

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With spring blossoming, it is the season of springing shoots.Bamboo shoots are thick, white in color, tender in quality, fragrant in air and fresh in taste. There are various methods, such as stewed spring bamboo shoots in oil, fried meat with bamboo shoots, salted fresh and stewed spring bamboo shoots with mushroom, etc., which are widely loved by consumers.Bamboo shoots are rich in dietary fiber, protein, a variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients throughout the year.According to the growing season, it can be divided into spring bamboo shoots, whip bamboo shoots and winter bamboo shoots.Eating spring bamboo shoots is exquisite, if the method of purchasing and eating is not proper, the nutritional value and taste of spring bamboo shoots will be greatly reduced.Today to popular science enjoy the “vegetarian first product” reputation such as spring bamboo shoots diet health knowledge.Before eating spring bamboo shoots, it is recommended to blanch them in hot water and then soak them in clear water. Fresh bamboo shoots contain more oxalic acid and tannic acid. If eaten directly, they will have numb and astringent taste.It is recommended to blanch in hot water before cooking, and then soak in water, which can greatly reduce the oxalic acid and tannic acid content in bamboo shoots and improve the taste.In addition, it should be noted that bamboo shoots contain more crude fiber which can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, so it is recommended that people with gastrointestinal diseases eat less;Patients with cerebral apoplexy and cardiovascular disease should also eat as little as possible during medication;Patients with cirrhosis should avoid it as far as possible;People allergic to bamboo shoots should not eat.Fresh bamboo shoots are easy to digest, and consumers are advised to eat them as soon as possible after purchase.If short-term storage is required, the following methods can be used, and it should be noted that: 1. Unshelled bamboo shoots: Sealed storage method and buried sealed storage method are recommended for a small number of bamboo shoots.Take containers or plastic film bags, select intact bamboo shoots and put them into containers or bags, seal the mouth of the container or tie the mouth of the bag, reduce the evaporation of water, inhibit the respiration of bamboo shoots, and achieve the effect of preservation.Burial method is suitable for mass bamboo shoot storage.Lay a layer of wet sand on the bottom of the container, then place the bamboo shoots with their tips up, and cover them with wet sand until they reach above the tips.Keep the container tightly sealed in a cool, ventilated place.2. Bamboo shoots after shelled: it is recommended to put bamboo shoots in a container with a layer of bamboo shoots and a layer of salt or kosher salt. After stacking, add a lot of water until the bamboo shoots are covered, press the bamboo shoots with heavy weights to prevent them from coming out of the water, and seal them in a cool and ventilated place.Boil the cut bamboo shoots in water for half an hour, then remove them and rinse them with water. Put them in a plastic bag and refrigerate at about 4℃ after sealing.The bamboo shoots can also be dried and collected after the above treatment.Before eating, make sure that stored bamboo shoots are not spoiled.If spoiled, do not eat again.