Taojiang County Family Planning Association has been awarded as “Excellent Unit of Provincial Family Planning Association Key Work” for 3 consecutive years.

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Rednet moment Yiyang On January 28 (correspondent Wen Youding Shi Junhui) On January 28, it was learned from the notification of 2021 Key work Performance Evaluation Results issued by Hunan Family Planning Association (Hunan Family Planning Association Fa (2022) No. 1) that in the notification of 2021 key work outstanding units of hunan Family Planning Association commendation,Taojiang County Family Planning Association won the title of “Excellent Unit of Provincial Family Planning Association key Work in 2021” again, so far, Taojiang County Family Planning Association has won the title of “Excellent unit of provincial Family Planning Association” for three consecutive years.In 2021, Taojiang County Family Planning Association adhere to the “Hunan Province Health Association reform Program” (Hunan Government office issued (2020) 44) spirit as the family planning association reform and development of the program of action, fully implement the “strong three, to the four” overall requirements, focus on solving the township level work “fault”, village level work “false” and other problems,The study of Party history and fulfill their duties, for the masses to solve worries, worries, anxious combination, conscientiously carry out the “study of Party history to do practical things” practice activities, in promoting healthy birth and post-natal care, promoting family health, family planning services, rural revitalization and other aspects play a “new force” role.Over the past year, taojiang County and township family planning associations visited and comforted more than 1,750 people, including families with special family planning conditions, families with family planning difficulties, family planning workers in extreme poverty, and longtime chairmen of family planning associations, and distributed more than 638,000 yuan in relief funds for difficulties.A total of 245,000 yuan of in-hospital care subsidies were provided to 155 families with special family planning conditions.Successfully applied for 2 projects of “three combinations” of provincial accounting and health Association, striving for provincial capital of 100,000 yuan.The Family Planning Association of Taojiang County, together with the maternal and child Health Hospital of Taojiang County, organized professionals to compile a total of 165 pieces of popular science knowledge in four categories, including healthy birth and healthy care and epidemic prevention and control, and pushed them to 247 villages (communities) in each township of the county level by level, covering more than 1,500 villager groups and benefiting about 15,200 families.In May 2021, he won the first prize in yiyang City health science PPT competition. In July 2021, he made a typical speech in the training class of parent-child service counselors held by the National Family Planning Association. In August 2021, his work submitted by the Family Planning Association of Cormoridu Town in Taojiang County was evaluated as the “most popular photo” in the 5.29 activity of the National Family Planning Association.Songmu Pond town, Niutian town yiyang city family planning grass-roots masses autonomous advanced unit title.