The Spring Festival culture and tourism consumption vitality is enough to changsha county six days “visitors” 446,000 person-times

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Hua Sound online February 6 news (reporter Li Kunli correspondent Lin Zhengmao Wang Xiao) in the beautiful scenery of spring in the green mountains and rivers, in the farmer’s home stay experience Chinese New Year charm, in the red scenic area feeling revolutionary spirit, at the beginning of the year of the tiger around sanzhen Tiger Park…During the Spring Festival of 2022, Changsha county received 446,000 tourists and achieved a comprehensive tourism income of 370 million yuan, ushering in a “good start” in the year of the Tiger tourism market.Tourists bake glutinous rice cakes in rural b&B, feeling the thick flavor of the New Year.Kaihui town for map to live in rural b&B, eat rural meals, tea bar, study games hall, no rain can also experience homemade small barbecue outside.The fun of rural natural life greatly enriches the tourist experience and further drives the employment and income of rural farmers.”It opened on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year and has received nearly 1,000 visitors so far.”Kaihui town whale farm director Liu Ganwu said with a smile, roast whole sheep have sold more than a dozen.”Nowadays, people advocate ‘local Chinese New Year’, so I booked a b&B in Changsha county to bring my family to experience rural life and experience the traditional Chinese New Year.”Citizens Mr. Hu said that his family in the town of Kaihui Niulan Bay 5 boutique b&B over the year of the ox, ushered in the year of the tiger.Changsha county has a profound red culture, and red tourism has always been the “highlight” of the cultural tourism market.Yang Kaihui memorial hall related person in charge told reporters, many citizens choose to take their families and children to visit the red scenic area, with the memory of revolutionary martyrs, inheritance of red gene way to spend a different Spring Festival.A series of themed activities kicked off the tiger Element carnival at sanzhen Tiger Park in Jinjing Town.County bureau of Culture and Tourism for the year of the Tiger to visit the tiger park “with tiger spirit”, located in Jinjing Town sanzhen Tiger Park during the Spring Festival attracted more than 6000 people to visit, watching the tiger, feeding the tiger, drawing the tiger…The zoo is full of “cute tiger elements”.From The Spring Festival to December 31, 2022, tiger visitors with valid ID cards can enter the park for free. There are a series of themed activities throughout the year, including the “Most Beautiful Tiger tooth” photo wall, the wine of the baby tiger born on a full moon, and the tiger Art exhibition, to open the annual “Tiger Elements” carnival.Kaihui Town whale farm rainbow slide, to attract citizens to play experience.It is reported that the Changsha County Bureau of Culture and Tourism launched the “HI Tour star sand Spring Festival together” online special planning activities during the Spring Festival, the majority of users can through the “Tour Changsha County” small program to record the wonderful life of eating, living, travel, travel, shopping, entertainment in Changsha County and draw red envelopes and prizes.In addition, there are a series of themed online activities, such as fitness, calligraphy, recitation, literature and art learning, to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the general public during the Spring Festival, to further do a good job of traveling to benefit the people during the Spring Festival, and to advocate the “local Spring Festival”.