A brief introduction of Chiyou’s magic god And Fazong

2022-05-28 0 By

Hi, everyone, players, hello, welcome to, retro handed down the king handed down the hand game god of war Chiyou magic god fazong privilege what, god of war Chiyou magic god Fazong privilege introduction follow xiaobian together to see, I hope to bring you help oh!Ten thousand people with the same screen of hot war gameplay, gather all legendary players in the world, can challenge the passion at any time;Rich plot and full of fun, let you feel different brainstorming;Free matching PK, one key lock fast kill, here let you become the overlord, become the strongest king.King inherits magic god Fazong title privilege:Open with recovery function recovery of gold + 50% base bonus + 60% extra base attack bonus + 120 dozen strange explode rate + 5% monster death can fall extra TongBao ok, that is about restoring ancient ways is handed down from ancient times the most mobile game king of magic human-god divine law cases of privilege, we play some games on most mobile game Mars human-god question welcome to ask questions!Want to learn more about the game top-up discount benefits package can add customer service!One to one detailed teaching!I’ll see you next time