Are you still eating salted fish and bacon?Let me show you the right way to make salted fish and bacon

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During the Spring Festival, salted fish bacon is naturally essential, but in the process of processing and production, this food is soaked in smoke for most of the time, easy to produce nitrosamines, nitrosamines and other nitrified substances and benzopyrene.In other words, it’s a cancer risk!But if it’s dangerous, you could get cancer.Let me teach you the right way to eat salted fish and preserved pork!1. Before putting the preserved meat into the pot, please soak the preserved meat and salted fish in water and cook them for 5-10 minutes before removing the soup.After boiling water, nitrite dissolved in water, remove soup, reduce the content of nitrite cured meat, so as to reduce toxicity.In addition, cooking at high temperatures can kill microorganisms.Try to choose the heating method of steaming, boiling and frying to avoid high temperature war.Fried.The higher the temperature, the more nitrosamines.2. Reasonable combination of materials When eating salted fish and preserved meat, it is best to mix fresh vegetables as much as possible and take in high-quality vitamin C.Plant pigments and other reductants have antioxidant effects.Green leafy vegetables can increase dietary fiber intake, promote bowel defecation, and reduce the absorption of harmful substances.You can eat them with dried vegetables to neutralize the saltiness and reduce fat intake.After all, salted fish bacon contains benzene, pyrene, nitrite and other carcinogenic factors, salt content is also very high, eating too much is not good for health, need to limit.Specifically, it is best to eat once a week, not more than 100 grams each time.4, after dinner appropriate treatment is recommended to eat salted fish bacon, drink light green tea, improve the body’s antioxidant capacity, promote the discharge of harmful substances metabolism.It can boost your yogurt, probiotics and water intake and boost your metabolism.Eat fresh fruit 30 minutes after meal, supplement vitamin and dietary fiber, promote metabolism.