In 2021, the whole province will recover 170 million yuan of economic losses for consumers

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Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · New Hunan client on March 15 (pan Xianxuan Huang Yaping/correspondent Zhou Xin) Today, the 2022 Hunan Province March 15 International Consumer Rights Day conference was held in Changsha.Reporters learned from the meeting, last year the province’s consumer protection commission accepted a total of 6111,100 consumer consultation, complaints, reports, for consumers to recover economic losses of 170 million yuan, 9781 cases of consumer infringement on file.Our work “supermarket delivery strong charge 1 yuan packaging fee, Changsha still have businesses so play” won the “2021 Hunan Province top ten consumer rights protection good news”.”Hello, is your house in need of decoration?””Have you bought your furniture yet?””Is your house for rent?”…Last month, the new house that Changsha citizen Mr Chen buys formally hand in a room, there is adornment company in the village at that time to do propaganda and promotion, he registered information to get a small gift, what let him be distressed is, come nearly half a month, he can receive a few with home outfit, rent a house to concern marketing telephone every day.According to the 2021 Survey report on consumer Personal Information Protection in Hunan Province, 16.36% of consumers said they had experienced personal information infringement or disclosure.In this part of consumers, “received advertising or harassment information”, “received illegal and fraud information” accounted for 73.1% and 57.92%, respectively.In the consumer forum, consumers all said they had personal information leaked.If received express information but does not exist, received the lottery information, received the house decoration phone or information, received the car phone or information, received brush and other garbage information, especially the house, decoration, car phone each other know their name, to the daily life of consumers caused trouble.”Imperfect legal system”, “insufficient punishment, low cost of breaking the law”, “the development of information technology”, “no door to complain” and so on are the reasons mentioned more personal information leakage problems.Participants said that after personal information leakage, they would not complain, mainly because “there is no way to complain”, “do not know who to complain”, “complicated procedures”, “high cost of safeguarding rights”, “waste of time and energy”.Consumers who have complained experience report that they have complained but have no results.Small household appliances and other quality problems found a high rate of daily consumption and people’s livelihood consumption, has been the focus of product quality supervision.In 2021, a total of 2,020 batches of daily consumer goods will be randomly checked in Hunan, 462 batches more than in 2020, 423 batches are unqualified, and the problem discovery rate is 20.9%.Among them, the quality of paper products such as household paper, toilet paper and wet wipes, female products such as diapers and sanitary napkins, as well as floc fiber products, adult shoes, travel shoes, fishing tackle, jewelry and jade, kitchen appliances and other products is stable, and the problem detection rate is less than 5%.Some products, such as clothing, small household appliances, indoor heaters, electric hand warmers, gas appliances and other products close to daily life, have a high rate of problem detection, which needs to be focused on supervision to promote product quality.The safety of children’s and students’ supplies is of great concern to parents.In 2021, hunan Market Supervision Bureau aimed at the prominent problem products, jointly with the provincial Department of Education and the provincial Women’s Working Committee to carry out the quality and safety supervision of children and students’ supplies “protecting the seedlings” action, focusing on plastic runway, children’s toys, student stationery, student clothing and other products to carry out spot checks.A total of 1,642 batches of children’s and student supplies were randomly checked, and 221 batches of unqualified products were found. Among them, children’s toys, student stationery and other products were of good quality, and the qualified rate of sampling inspection was above 95%.The quality of some products still needs to be improved, such as the fiber content in students’ clothing is not up to standard, and the use instructions are not standardized.Due to the poor quality of site construction technology, the physical performance indexes such as thickness and elasticity of finished products are not qualified, which affects the service performance and life of products.