Man, give you these three things, is true love;Do not give, please do not expect

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Man, give you these three things, is true love;Don’t give, means that you don’t love in real life, for women, their life, but want to meet a consistent good to their man.Men are no exception.However, what a man wants is a woman who is willing to stay with him, whether he is rich or poor.The real society tells us that in this world, nothing is immutable and eternal.People change, men and women alike.Some people become better and better;Some love, the more sweet;Some lovers, more and more far away.In other words: depending on who you meet.If you meet a woman like you love her, love you, so, your love is beautiful, you are happy.If you meet a love her, but she has no feelings for you, so, your love no matter how good, is bitter, is tiring, as for the outcome, may not be what you want.It is not your love for him is not hot enough, warm not hot her cold heart, it is not your love for her is not soft enough, not deep enough, but because her eyes, the heart without you.So, your love, your affection, will be ignored by her.All your efforts, in return is not what you want to cherish and happy ending.Only the people you love love you, is your future.If a man can give you these three things, then he is the one who truly loves you!One, time good love, need to maintain good, love your woman, need your love, also need your company.The man who loves you is willing to pay time and energy for you.Is not a time of he is very rich, but he knew that the best love, is not sweet words, but the company, even for life, for the sake of happiness, around outside struggle in the future, not together, also can often contact, even if the work is very busy during the day, at night, will light the phone’s screen, connection video, chat with you, even if you are trapped,Will also cheer up and insist on chatting with you, the length of the conversation, he does not decide, but depends on you.Because he loves you, so he is willing to give his love to you, willing to give your precious time to you.A man who does not love you, no matter how much free time he has, he will not give you;No matter how impressive his love is, his love is not yours.Because he doesn’t love you.Only those who love you, his love, his kindness, belong to you, his precious time will be given to you.Trust trust is a kind of love and the cornerstone of love.For both men and women to have a good relationship, they need to trust each other.Without the feelings of trust, the United States is not the United States, and more perfunctory sweet talk, is also false.The man who loves you, will take trust seriously, no matter when and where, will be the same.A promise, there will be cash;Have the oath, will firm their beliefs, not armchair strategist, light say not practice, but said love you into action.For he knew that to speak without counting was to speak without trust.With the inconsistent, no trust of the people together, will be very tired of love, and finally will collapse.Only trust, there is no separation.Trust is the only way to live together.Only trust, can brew the most beautiful relationship.Only trust can bring two people closer.As the saying goes, when it comes to a position, feelings are naturally drunk.Good relationships lead to good endings.Therefore, the man who loves you would rather lose gold and silver than lose trust in front of you.Name is the upgraded version of encounter acquaintance.Have a point, just can be at ease in front of the public boldly hand in hand to lead accompany.A man who truly loves you will take you to events and introduce you to everyone he knows and let them know that you are my girlfriend or wife.In short, you are my favorite lover, is to accompany me to walk through life bosom friend.A man who doesn’t really love you won’t do this, even if you ask him to, he will push and push, the purpose is not willing to make your relationship public, not willing to let others know that you and he still have this relationship.Because he doesn’t really love you, he won’t give you the title of lover or wife.Only the man who really loves you, can’t wait to declare to the world, I like you, I love you, you are the only one in my life, is the unique lover of my life, is the person I want to protect all my life.From now on, the other sex, do not want to approach him, also do not want to bully her.Because, I am willing to do a fire for her to fly, I am also willing to drink out of life to protect her whole life.The woman who is loved by such a man should know that there are not many good men. The person who loves you sincerely should cherish it, do not let go, do not miss it, so as not to be miserable in the regretful memories in the future.Cherish not in words, but in action, as he loves you to love him.Only equal love can have a bright future.Only you love my love love, there is hope.Met, cherish.May your love be as sweet as honey and always be together.May you hold hands and never part.