Quick Charge | Bevella. What brand is quick charge?Just take the money, don’t charge it, you lie!

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This morning in huaian district rt-Mart in front of the bevela intelligent charging pile, fast charging battery car.After plugging in the plug, wechat scanned the code to pay according to the voice prompt, but found that the red number has not moved.According to experience, the past quick charge, red digital display countdown, and voice prompt: some machine is charging, please wait!This voice prompt, in fact, is goodbye to you, charging is going on, you just have to wait patiently.The numbers are still, and there’s no voice prompt.At that time, I wondered if the charging pile was broken.But I still think on the bright side: maybe now the reform, the number does not jump, do not count down, also can charge well;Maybe if I leave, it can go back to normal.With butterflies in my stomach, I went to the supermarket to buy Spring Festival goods.Because the heart has been thinking about charging things, so quickly after buying New Year’s shopping, rushed to the charging pile, found that the number is still the number, did not move.There is still a lucky heart, still hope that just a good fantasy, can become a reality.I found out that there was another person with the same problem I had.When he found that the charge had failed, he swore a few words and pushed the car away with frustration and effort.I pulled the plug.The key was inserted into the lock, and the power indicator went back to its starting point.Can a refueling door, desperate to find that the pointer quickly returned to the end, I crashed: charging failure!Blood, straight to the top door.Very angry, very anxious, such a long way, how to return?I’ll have to push.It took a lot of effort, asked several people, and finally found a quick charge point.Prompted by my boss, I called the service hotline.The other end of the phone, came the voice of cold customer service: you can apply for a refund.Can not help but to a national curse.How much of my time?How many things are you holding me up?How much affection have I wasted?Is an understatement of the application for refund, you can prevaricate in the past?Bevela, Bevela, Bevela, what quality?What kind of service attitude?The machine you put in is broken, why don’t you repair it, still standing here, costing people money and getting hurt.It’s doing harm to people!Apply for a refund?Who applies for a refund for a few dollars?I’m sure we weren’t the only ones who fell for it.And I thought, well, maybe they knew it was broken, and they were dragging through the hacks to get you to scan, scan, scan.The fool sweeps the code, and he swallows the gold.Then he hid there and smirked.Such a calculation, it makes big money!!Checked, Bevela intelligent charging network is a company in Changzhou, Jiangsu, should be regarded as a famous brand.Convenient for the masses at the same time, their own also make money, win-win.Now it is broken, you don’t want to repair it, it is a big mistake, it is not good, it is eating people do not spit out bones.Bevella! What the hell is that?!Please move your finger and forward it to let more people know that Bevira can only suck blood, not serve.Bevella, you can’t believe it!Quick charging of battery car