IPhone14: pay more if you don’t want bangs

2022-05-29 0 By

The biggest concern for the iPhone14 series is the screen, with rumours suggesting that the ‘bangs’ will be ditched in favour of a perforated screen, but is that really the case?According to Dylan DKT, iPhone14 Pro uses the “pill” hole screen design.IPhone14 Pro iPhone14 Pro iPhone14 Pro iPhone14 Pro iPhone14 Pro iPhone14 Pro iPhone14 Pro iPhone14 Pro iPhone14 Pro iPhone14According to apple analyst 𠓹, the iPhone14 series won’t be obsolete, with only the iPhone14 Pro and iPhone14 Pro Max opting for the bangs insteadThe standard iPhone14 will still have bangs.In other words, if you don’t want bangs, you’re going to have to pay more.After all, the price of Pro and Pro Max is basically around 7000-10,000 yuan, and even more than 10,000 yuan.As for the iPhone14 mini, it is also reported that the iPhone14 series will be directly cut from the mini model, so the entry-level price of the iPhone14 series is higher, so if you are also waiting for the iPhone14 series, the budget may need to be increased a little bit.In addition to the screen, renderings of the iPhone14 Pro show some changes in the design of the rear camera module.Both the iPhone12 and 13 models have raised rear cameras, forcing users to cover their phones for protection.Otherwise, the camera could be damaged if you don’t pay attention.IPhone14 Pro camera and fuselage glass back cover is on the same plane, no other use of rectangular box is restricting three lens, vision will be more harmonious and fusion, appearance level as well as to reduce the risk of rear lens knock against, using the experience also got a boost, without shell party finally can no longer continue to use the following.In addition, the iPhone14 series will be equipped with the A16 chip, and the battery life will be upgraded.As for pricing, apple, which has had a taste of the iPhone13 series, is likely to continue its “add more, don’t add more” strategy to attract more customers.But the iPhone14 Pro and iPhone14 Pro Max are definitely better choices, and there’s basically nothing wrong with them except that they’re a little more expensive.The standard model is out of the question on a budget, and the iPhone14 is recommended only for users who prefer the smaller flagship.If you could choose, would you choose Apple or domestic phone?