Recommend novel “Xu Zhai quanshu” geng ren

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The old servant went out to take a look. Then he went in and said, “Cui Xiucai has come.”His wife looked on and said, “Bah!Why would he want to rob us when our family is so poor?”Liu Zhenggong: “No.This is the sound of empty grain feet!”They went out to meet Cui Xiuxiu.Cui Xiucai entered the door and said, “I don’t think Liu Jun is starving to death. Why is he so poor?Is the prosperity of the past real or illusory, and the desolation of the present real or illusory?””Liu Gong sighed.Cui Xiucai then said: “The green pine also want to wither, hibiscus open in the morning, evening does not exist, there is a like me Cui elements, willing to visit?”Gong Liu said, “IN the past, I thought THAT I had made some friends and brothers, and that I could have some lifelong friends who would help me in need and would not be changed by poverty. I did not expect this to happen again. I really dare not talk about friendship in a false way.”Cui xiucai said, “It’s not like that. General Lian was dismissed from office and all his followers left. Zhai Tingwei was reinstated and all his friends came back.A wise man can understand what needs to be done at the moment. Liu Jun asked, “What should we do now?”Liu justice: “return ability how, can only wait for death.”Choi said with a smile, How can you say that?I heard that the burden of heavy goods to walk a long way, can not bear, do not choose a place, but also put down to rest, poor family, can not live, do not care about how much salary, but still want to do something.Why not join the army and get a few fistfuls of rice to feed your family instead of begging with a bowl and being laughed at by misers?”Liu Zhengyi said, “I have never been under others, but I am afraid I will be humiliated by others if I join the army.”Cui Xiucai said, “Then you can go out to write documents for others, and your wife can do some needlework at home. You can also avoid cold and hunger.”Liu Zhengyi: “so constrained by others, like a horse in the army, I have never wanted to be so constrained by others.”Choi added, Hoarding rare goods and selling them when the time is right can make huge profits.Why not go into business?”Liu Justice: “This kind of minute also have to calculate, penny-pinching thing, I always disdain to heart, how can you ask me to do?”Cui Xiucai way: “so, think liu Jun heart ambition, want to hold your head high, that must be an official.If you want to be an official, you must ascend to the first place. If you want to ascend to the first place, you have to sort out your old career and study hard. If you want to study, you must first have lights and money.I don’t think you can handle it at the moment.I have eighty francs, which I can send to you first.”Liu justice: “you are not rich, how can I bear to affect you?”Choi soo-jae said, “I take away what people throw away. If people want something, I give it to them. Why refuse?”So he took his leave of Liu Gong.Before long, Cui Xiucai drove a car, with eighty money to come.Liu Gong was very grateful and wanted to prepare a meal for him, but Cui xiucai gave him the money and left.A few days later, Cui xiucai came again with a bag and said, “Are you committed to your studies?”Liu justice: “New Year is approaching, some things to be busy.”Cui Xiucai said, “I think eighty pounds is not enough for you to save money. I have also saved a bag of gold to help you live a well-off life.”He threw the bag on the kang and went out, but Liu Gong could not detain him.When the family looked at the bag, they were very surprised. The king measured it and found it was as much as three hundred taels.Relying on Cui xiucai’s support, Liu Gong lived a stable life.After Cui Xiucai left, liu Gong did not come to see him. Liu Gong did not know where he lived, but kept him in mind and was very grateful to him.He bought a new house and bought back his property. In the new house, he dug up two jars of silver and became a rich house again.The servants who had gone away came back one after another, and tried every means to keep up with the Liu family in order to be re-employed.Gradually, relatives and friends came to inquire, and within a year, it was as prosperous as before.He only stayed at home and studied hard. In the same year, he passed the Jinshi examination and obtained a prominent official position. More and more people came to his home to congratulate him.When it happened to be Liu Gong’s birthday, he sent people everywhere to summon all his relatives and friends who were poor and out of spirits.On that day, all his relatives and friends went to his house to congratulate him. They filled the hall with splendid gold and jade to congratulate him.Lord Liu set up a banquet to entertain everyone, while he himself sat at the top and greeted everyone.After drinking a few rounds of wine, Liu Gong walked out of his seat and raised his glass to speak to the crowd: “Today you all come, so that I liu mou sigh myriad!”He mean to ridicule the people and let them know that he need it most, no one is willing to help, he developed now, don’t need it, but take the lilly knot, he shall, in accordance with the original want to good plan, told the servant to receive, have given themselves in the front of the poor people, let their own collection, they all felt very surprise,Wondering what kind of tricks Liu Gong was playing, one of the older men said to him, “These little things are meant to be given to Liu Gong. Even if they are not precious, they are also a gift to his relatives and friends. Why did Liu Gong give them away?”Liu gong sighed: “I am very lucky today, all the public, give me a full seat of friends, but it is a pity that there is a lack of Cui Xiucai!If Choi had been there, I would have known why I did it.”The master is fond of giving, but he does not hesitate to spend.The guest has remonstrated, the master laughs and says no.You say wealth can gather, I mean wealth can be sparse.Idle for the king detailed, liaoyan its rough.Wealth is a treasure and a slave to it.The rich by what they have, the poor by what they have not.There is gas more than Yang, no gas is not comfortable.More than young people more than close, do not know shu.When I was a poor man, no one helped me.A body cannot be clothed, and a mouth cannot be put on.Noble kinsmen and noble friends are shunned.If I were not a husband, I should be ashamed of myself.Today courageously fame, food Lu fu yi jacket.Menting trouble into the market, the power of the day with special.A life thousands of gold, a zhu green press.Luxury and poor desire is also very, no effort to try.How delightful it was then, how delightful it is today.It is more than I wish.Once poor, now rich, once I am now nothing.Night wei its reason, back side heart wanders.Its reason good have to, now and then.Zhou is anxious not to be rich, the holy word shall not be falsely.Qi Yanzi, Fire Toad 葭莩.And smell fan Wenzheng, Yita buy Dongwu.If the people of the world can gather and recover, they can lose.In without and qiao, there is tao Zhu everywhere.What flows through Ethiopia is never heard.Can sigh near rich, only profit is the trend.Full of ghosts and evil, often send disaster sell.Use is often vigilant, ashamed to keep rupt.This situation is such as sand, the day for no penny baht.Don’t you see lonely scholars living in poor alleyways? This time is like bitter tea!”When the people heard this, they all understood what Liu Gong meant and felt very ashamed. They sat on the seat like a thorn in the back and felt very uncomfortable. The people sitting in the corner even stole away from the seat, but Liu Gong did not ask them to stay.Then, the doorman came in to report that Cui Xiucai had come, Liu Gong went out to meet him respectfully, Cui Xiucai came in, Liu Gong bowed down to him, Cui Xiucai held his hand, said with a smile: “Liu Gong can be regarded as a mad dog in the country of dogs, there is nothing not to bite!Also imitate the tang legend du Zichun when the mouth do what.And prosperous and desolate, and how long can continue, can not see through the rich and poor, the heart of the devil will come again.Like the hermit of ancient times, with his head and body naked among the mulberry trees, come and go, which is more than the gain and loss of honor and disgrace hurt?After appreciating the vicissitudes of time, even nodding is unnecessary!”Liu Gong saluted to him again and said, “Every word you say is perfectly reasonable. I keep it in mind and keep it on my guard.”That night, when the guests had gone, Liu Gong asked Cui xiucai to stay alone. Liu Gong’s wife also came out to visit Cui.Liu Gong asked Cui xiucai, “Where have you moved to recently? Why haven’t you come to my house for so long? Let me repay you for your kindness.”Choi soo-jae asked, “Did you expect me to repay you when I asked you for something?”Liu justice: “really have no such idea.”Choi soo-jae said, Do I have such a heart?How unforgiving you are! ‘Hearing this, Liu Gong smiled brightly and asked cui Xiuxiu how many people there were in her family.Choi soo-jae said, I feel lonely at home. There are more than a dozen people up and down.Hearing this, Liu Gong said happily: “My daughter has not betrothed somebody else, and I want to marry you. How about that?”Choi soo-jae said, You can t do that.Liu Gong asked: “Why not?”Cui Xiucai hesitated for a long time before saying, “You are an elder, and it won’t do any harm. The reason why I dare not marry your family is that I am not a human being, but actually an old fox in Aishan.It is because you have a lofty ambition and extraordinary bearing that you have traveled thousands of miles to make friends with you and help you from poverty to wealth. It is your destiny, and it is not my ability alone that can do it.I only came on purpose. Now it is time to say goodbye to my old friend for ever.”Liu gong just suddenly realize, don’t feel sad to say: “you leave certainly can, just let me become the person who forget quan, how call a person at ease!”Choi soo-jae said, I just want to help you out of the glory of god.From now on, your future will be plain sailing, only your official position will not exceed three grades, but your wealth will be as much as one hundred thousand.”Mr. Liu nodded.Cui said, “Nevertheless, I have something to say to you on this occasion of parting. I have heard that people’s hearts are different, just like the faces of people. It takes seven years to tell an oak tree from a camphor tree, and it is not easy to understand people.It is better to save yourself by being faint of heart than to fall for fame!Get rid of your stubbornness and be able to be in tune with others. This is the truth of friendship. I hope you can remember that you should not let pigs or dogs laugh at you.”Then he said goodbye and went away, and then really never came.Liu later official to model department, because of old, only gao Lao returned to his hometown.Just a lifetime appreciation of Cui Xiucai’s kindness and righteousness, every first 15, have to place incense table worship, never slack off.