“The Killer is not too cool” broke 2.2 billion yuan, Wei Xiang’s new film came again, but was questioned by the heat

2022-05-29 0 By

Gear in 2022 Spring Festival the only film comedy “the killer is not very calm” total box office has topped 2.2 billion, become the domestic comedy movie box office in 2022, the film adapted from a Japanese comedy movie “magic moment”, although plot and grasp the rhythm is not very good, but the punchline is very intense, is a very suitable for the Spring Festival party film, after all,I mean, no one can say no to fun.Where, of course, the success of the film or the star lineup, first starring wei zifeng his unique performance style incisively and vividly, unlike Shen Teng, wei zifeng performance is a bit neurotic, so that he plays the killer Carl did not calm, but very nervous, perfectly fit the film title and the image of the killer,It can be said that every time Wei Xiang takes a scene, the audience will laugh to tears, which is why the film is able to achieve such a high box office.Last year, a “Hello Li Huanying” praised Zhang Xiaofei, this year, a “Not too calm Killer” also praised Wei Xiang, so that the outstanding comedian behind the scenes can be known to everyone, although Wei Xiang is not as well-known as Zhang Xiaofei, but at least the popularity has been played out.As wei zifeng rising popularity, his next film more and more, recently, some netizens found that wei zifeng is another movie theaters soon, the official poster is drying out of the file, will be released in April 30, five a, posters, Mary, Chang Yuan, wei zifeng three star, with thick breath, labor day is echo posters name “lively factory”,Below the poster, actor Jia Bing also joined in the comedy atmosphere, the overall give a sense of Labor Day.It is reported, this film tells the story is small five (Chang Yuan is acted the role of) father old five (Wei Xiang is acted the role of) because suffer from “alzheimer’s disease” terminal, the memory that only keeps in the mind is left with small five dead old mother big six (Ma Li is acted the role of) get along with the moment.To wake up the memory of father again, small five is taking the clew that seeks mother to return the old house in the home afresh, he turns over a dusty old diary accidentally, with a simple ring and, return to go up century 80 time accidentally, changed the story of parents and old friend fate.In terms of subject matter, the film should be a time-travel comedy, which is similar to the shooting technique of Hello Lee Hwan-young. The only difference is that one is looking for his father and the other is looking for his mother.Many netizens see this story feel that this film has a rub “Hello, Li Huanying” heat, not only that, the original name of the film is not called “brother, hello” but “xiao Wu Ge”, from this point of view is indeed very consistent with mahua happy consistent style, name like rub popular movies.However, comedy is the most important or funny, regardless of the ceng ceng heat, as long as the film’s plot and actors can make the audience satisfied, from the current content is still very worth looking forward to, after all, to see the performance of the Killer is not too calm, the audience’s expectations of Wei Xiang is also very high.Throughout recent years happy twist film, “teng content” has become an important index of the box office, in addition to a “shy iron fist”, the other the film’s box office all without exception of planking, so happy twist also need to build the next “Shen Teng”, unfortunately, whether Chang Yuan, Allen, Huang Cai Aaron no one can succeed, until the emergence of the Chinese New Year file wei zifeng,Just let happy mahua see hope.Despite wei zifeng never worked as a male leading role, basic it is supporting actor, but this time, wei zifeng seized the opportunity, fully released his comedy talent, let the audience see his great performances, not inferior at Shen Teng, even said wei zifeng Shen Teng yourself ten years before the fire, it can be seen that Shen Teng know wei zifeng have this ability,I believe that after “The Killer is not too calm”, Wei Xiang’s comedy films will be more and more, I do not know whether the follow-up can stable output, but also to see his performance in the play.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.