The definition of the family boxing formula

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All the interpretations are handed down by the teachers, and the sage who pursues the past must be deeply immersed in the learning of the ages.Formula one: God coagulation static, slow loose net, not stiff not clumsy, natural fit.Beginning and end consistent, seamless, gushing, long as a river.God coagulation: the meaning of mental concentration, whether training boxing or boxing fighters, if the spirit is loose, it will not work, training boxing rare grand experience, boxing fighters cause the failure of the machine, is the disease in their own.Therefore, my wife’s boxing to the spirit of the first condition, the first principle, meaningful.Tranquillity: a calm mind.Don’t be impatient.This will result in limb failure, abnormal reactions, and signs of failure.Be careful and care carefully, only when you put the enemy in your mind can you put the enemy in your control.Slow: although slow for light relative words, if you want to light, but must from slow under time, otherwise can not to light spirit of the border.The so-called lightness is the lightness with which the enemy moves with ease every time he feels, rather than the impetuosity, which is obviously something else.If god be quiet, he shall find time in sinking aid.Don’t be impetuous.And this slow word, do not as slow to miss the opportunity to speak.But in the slow seek to find opportunity.Of course you can avoid the evil of slow action.Loose net: due to slow teaching, it is easy to lead to the loss of stagnation.So that every joint, every muscle, may be relaxed, and that, in the principle of spiritual care, there be no dross of human strength, like pouring snow on soup.To this, can be flexible joints, sensitive response, not stay not sluggish.The clearance is tight and there is no gap. The enemy can not take advantage of it, but he can make a clever move at his disposal.Not rigid: the law of practice requires the meaning of quiet and slow, but can not pretend to be “zombie dance” shape, this disadvantage also.So that it can not be flexible and loose.All empty and real, open and close unknown, do not know back, all have this disease.Meantime serious illness, end in skill have aura ear.Not clumsy: a clumsy disease is clumsy because of its exertion.It is quite different from ordinary boxing.Do not understand the inner family only oneself force, force is equal to abandon the inner family boxing.The force used in neijia boxing is not ordinary clumsy force, but pure strength after careful education.If the beginning of the entry will be for their own use, not willing to throw stupid force, how can you learn the boxing.Nature: activity essentials, in order to adapt to the nature of the body, with the spine as the hub of the whole body.Any boxing that does not follow the principles of nature is just like making people bear the yoke of oxen.Although neijia boxing is a kind of activity with the whole body movement and striking skill as the purpose, its opening and closing, advancing and retreating, rising and falling, all strive to conform to the principle of nature and seek the further development of physical and mental ability.Compatibility: as the saying goes, “A miss is as good as a mile”.The effect of boxing is governed by this proverb.The effect of boxing practice is a question of the accuracy of following the principle, while the victory of the competition is a question of the precision of taking the vigorous moves. The two must be in harmony, which is also the core of the essence of boxing, which is difficult to discuss.Competition is a very direct competitive activity.The law of biology: Survival of the fittest.Civilized society does not live by combat.However, narrow the scope, the problem of winning or losing is the problem of compatibility, suitable constant operation of the odds.Because the skills in the sport, in fact, is equal to the position of the body of the hands and feet, the size of the strength, up and down the method, and so on.When practicing boxing at ordinary times, one must constantly calibrate oneself and obviously prepare for this purpose. One should work hard at the word “fitness”.To ask victory, first ask yourself.Therefore, it should be honed under the principle of harmony.Continue not broken: the last four tips day: “beginning and end consistent, at one go, surging, long as the river”, can be accepted in the “continuous not broken” four words.At the beginning of learning boxing, one stroke, one breath and one breath, one move and one style should be clearly defined. There should not be any ambiguity and no uneven place.However, learning boxing for a long time, a stroke of beauty, have paid attention to, has been able to all the bones are loose.Penetrative and exquisite.This time requirements, must be in strong string, outside must be consistent, link up perfect, such as ring without end.A set of fists is a movement to achieve unfathomable and subtle effects.At the end of the light and supple, the beginning can continue not broken.So usually hard work, can do not break phase, but can be applied to people, a move does not work, printed for him to recruit, recruit phase achievement, rolling away.Left real left has been stacked, left real right has stacked, there will be up, there will be down.Everywhere is a recruit, everywhere is a real recruit, everywhere is not true strength, everywhere is the enemy trap, all according to the enemy, do not have to assert oneself, more do not use the slightest clumsy force.This changquan is therefore changquan.In the past year, Mr. Liu Caotang’s art is very true, Qi Jiguang heard his name, liu Bei three times to the mao-lu story, invited into the screen.Feeling his sincerity, Mr. Liu Cao-tang circled around qi Zhi’s Zhoushan government office for several months and taught him the technique of boxing, saying: “If you do not commit parry, if you move, it will be ten strokes.”In his old age, Mr. Caotang used to teach his children, “Changquan never stops once it starts.”Or can tell all the secrets of changquan.Tip 2: to wait for work, to static brake, to soft just, to have no fight, strive not to top, strive not to lose, to lose, to lose, swallow for the art, digestion for energy, very empty to static, invincible.Waiting for work: This is the application of the principle of physical economy.Not good at enemy, gnash teeth, arrow draw crossbow zhang, hair vertical must become elevated, foot save boxing, not to meet the enemy, its tension, enough to destroy their physical strength.When I am ready for my work, I will cultivate the spirit of leisure and calmness, which is called the state of mind of quietness, up to the four forms, free from muscle tension, and then I will benefit from the action of the enemy.Static braking: in strategic terms, static braking as a defensive position.In terms of tactics, on the one hand, it is still another illustration of the economic principle of force, and on the other hand, the aforementioned law of use of the principle of contradiction.We should also note that we should use static braking at the end of the movement, and less movement to control more movement after the movement, which is not dead and motionless, but proper movement. If the movement is improper, it is better not to move at all.Because I can be quiet, the more can lure the enemy deception, and do not know the moth to the fire.No matter where I am, I must be calm.The more the enemy moves, the more I must be quiet;The more urgent the enemy, the more I must sink;The stronger the enemy is, the softer I must be.I can annihilate the enemy by the extension of time and space of a thread, a moment, a millimeter, and a centimetre. The more his defeats, the stronger my chances of victory.If there is a brave and unskilled generation, want to use force and preemptive, I have to move, borrow its force, bend its potential, in its action, control in the moment, to see me move also.This is the best of static braking.Counterbalance with softness: if you can clearly understand the principle of “braking with stillness”, it is not difficult to understand the words of counterbalance with softness.With the principle of “not adhering to principles” and the method of “using static braking”, we can certainly achieve the effect of subduing rigour with softness. The state of rigour is extremely limited, and man’s strength is not strong enough to surpass that of machinery.It can be seen that the person who is strong is also the thing, but not the person who transforms himself into the thing. In the past years, people practice all kinds of kung fu and want to incarnate themselves into the thing, then the original content of the person is lost. And the soft person can be infinite, its environment is very high, to the last, its spiritual attainments of heaven and earth, its big can be used!I have always seen that those who have been practicing their skills for many years always refuse to let go of their innate inferior power, and they cannot rise into the hall without believing in the teaching that they are incapable of beating strong power. The way to achieve softness is to let go of their natural inferior power, so that one can put a inferior power into a furnace to practice pottery and casting, and then one can truly be a powerful tool.Do you not see the soft hand of water? When the hand strikes and the foot presses, you never see resistance, but when it gathers itself into a force strong enough to swing a house or fall a wall.Ran into the universe, are all a hotchpotch of accumulation and become, violence in the invisible, to large, no friends, let us live among them, the activity among them, have not see its shape also. No play: this can’t play with, but there is incompetence. This is new to have, could have. This is the enemy’s, is inherent, is actual. I had no more, is by the enemy.Enemy from flabbergasted, I get this done have, in the enemy’s inherent no also. When I meet the enemy, god is my owners. Such as god, the first game that I’m not lost, therefore I have a god, and not to force. Such as force, force, force, half and half. And I like, the enemy, and can’t know me, I know, so called dragon, its trail iffy, the method, must ponder accurately.Approach: when the fist is in front of you, you should seek the way to respond to the enemy, beg for retreat, beg for escape is the way to retreat and escape.If I follow my family’s boxing method, I have to get close to my opponent’s skill to find out the secret, because I have to get close to my opponent’s skill to find out the good and bad of the enemy’s force, and then catch and use it.Usually against the enemy, not to meet the enemy must use eyes and ears to take care of the overall situation, that is, the enemy is not equal to the role of the eye and ear, and inspiration, listen to the strength of the day, know the enemy is false and real, test the enemy shun back, listen and use, people see power, so nearly as the beginning of the fighting principle.No matter how hard the opponent is iron sand palm, bronze sand palm, broken tablet palm, etc., once I stick to it, up will follow up, down will follow up; down will follow down, up will take; left will follow left, right will come out:Right, then right, then left. Form a military phase and the wall of the motor, no matter how hard the enemy, are hard to succeed. To handle the enemy but the first portal. I hand shall not be clean, the enemy force and the body, but pay attention to the body, go with the waist, this is the second guard time, there is the second way the wanquan. But are all a hotchpotch of paste, a strong hard top.Come so the encounter, I connect with, is not hard, to prolong the time at the beginning of space, and domination. The enemy strength such as throwing the ball, I meet trouble such as ball, I will meet, such as hard enemy Fang Qiang will hurt me, shuangli equal will hurt, I how to use it. Therefore, first of all, must be able to catch the enemy. Must be watched, and not after, this is the right of the time.Don’t lose the rough, don’t lose the fine, this is the right strength, don’t lose the above, don’t lose the below, this is the right position.Therefore, the paste principle, not only passively listen to the enemy’s surplus and virtual information, in fact, that is to hear and use, that is to send, are required in this principle.Resistance force of the enemy, I to force, I Fang Qiang, weak enemy, don’t be enemy rout; such as enemy Fang Qiang, we are weak, we collapse. This is the second bull wrestling, also not pass skills. My art in a so-called small lselection vigorously, to move more, less heavily with heavy fine qi sheng violence. The main point, the first to quit any disobey one’s superior. If you have any intention of disobey one’s superior, and can reach the use of digestive stimulation.Can swallow then can turn to, can swallow the rear can also vomit. First swallowed, conveniently, after or swallowed before they spit out. Two types of utility, the total on the “swallow” prison, swallowing is not top, top and outside of the mouth of teeth is swallowed up, is the straight is the organ. Good cap, all my knowledge at the end of the art, also, can soften the strength of itself, is not enough to and within the family.Don’t throw: close, paste, not lost, all is the same description of the principles of various and stretch, sentence is valuable, do not have to ignore. No matter how strong, once glued on, namely into my control circles, such as dragonfly cast webs, struggle not succeed. Therefore, both the I stick on, is not lost, I don’t want to fight back not far, close to take a quick.The most easy to lose, is for the enemy suddenly retreat, or the enemy force will push me out, or MY own lax battle, so, will give the enemy to form an offensive opportunity again.It means that if the enemy is unable to advance, he must make a move, and when he draws back, I should immediately release the attack, so that I can take advantage of the situation and at the same time destroy the attack that is trying to revive himself.Has not lost not top of teach first, he will it into death. “throw the first top, lost to the top first” this is the mantra of immense sums don’t sell. This is a virtual trade change method. Also, to the enemy’s knack, to the front of the person into my shell, I’m force to unpredictable. Other aspects through, true, and will do to kung fu is incredible, can well use. As, a simple example.Children as tug-of-war game, both teams all around to the chests to, like a rope, the other party shall be consistent servant. And as two men wrestling, phase for the scene, two equals the force, on the one hand, all of a sudden shrinkage, fang must be former servant and my art of the actual situation changes, lose interoperability, is much more complicated than this, and the principle of consistent. Able to good use, not dangerous. The enemy into a potential:Art shut it, I don’t care about how much to win I have conditions, and care for me and the enemy of reinforce, is to capture the enemy himself BaiXiang formed and enlarge its effect. Therefore, within the family of good, often see body specialty, and to strength, its reason in this. Is it itself independent situation is excellent, and against ablation after comprehensive factors.I am what my enemy is, not what I am, that is to say, I must not make up my mind how to attack others.It is the tradition of both China and The West to fight against each other and pull them down, because when cocks fight, or cats and dogs fight, it is inevitable that people from the animals show their anger and strength, trying to intimidate the enemy, or encourage their courage.Is within the family, is in no trace no like, fingertips, namely a coup, argued with mining, do not speak another trick, the art of art also. Tap Chinese boxing, teach boxing is selling method, how to use what method, any method how to play, how the enemy, I when how to strike back. Learn boxing, is to study the diagnosis.Now the so-called what boxing fierce, how fierce, a certain boxing, a certain boxing how good, meet all this, said all refer to the law, as long as learn to become the law, they think can the world invincible, in fact, how zai!I teach within the family, with the principle of supremacy. The so-called boxing art is “meaning”, is also “meaning” beating. Learn boxing brouwer, fundamental practice, but this principle, principle of clarity, and then is to deduce the basic action method out of it. The basic action, ordered is applying the basic requirements of limbs and body, can this, has the total purport of travelling.Know the principle first, and then to synthesize xi quan, can see use im, measures are based on the nature, and are appropriately, without first. Therefore within the family boxing, looking like a lack, less BianShi beauty, if not on stage singing my, ACTS for BianShi beauty. Neither my within the family put image first, the person that weigh? Is the knowledge of personal power in.The term is “knowledge is the knowledge of the machine”, which is a basic point, the spirit is not a thing that can be won in a thin air, but lies in the knowledge of the two solutions and control of the human body. It is also not a mysterious and elusive thing, but also obtained through careful study, years of experience and pursuit.Understanding strength is learning, which cannot be taught by words. It is related to mechanical experience and wisdom. I have all kinds of practice and practice of playing skills, which are based on the knowledge and knowledge of the machine, and also serve as the way to get started.Scorned the mo for perspective effect. This is method of travelling in all. Invincible cloud, is the true virtual of the enemy, I is nobody’s business, also can grow into, foreword not top, don’t hit the enemy’s also. Invincible, this word with ChanYu release, “hero” is not at home also. That is, the power of the enemy’s meaning and empty, I as hard, need not to hesitate, do not miss it.The key to success is to make good use of the enemy. without understanding, one cannot grasp the enemy. without time, understanding is empty.