Why did Hamm get the super elf, to prevent The resurrection of King Shark?

2022-05-29 0 By

King Shark is the last tyrant of the sea nation, he is also the most brutal ruler, but he has a very powerful proud officer Commander Hamix suddenly feel that it is not a good result to wipe out the creatures on the earth, so he repeatedly dissuade King Shark to stop the land restructuring plan, but King Shark did not agree.O ghost suddenly thought of a revolt, shark king forces counsel that is looking for dragon, the dragon that the machine is the shark spot king lu warship weapon of ultimate carney, ghost commander and so o joint dragon will be the king of sharks spot imprisoned under the HaiZhiMen, and he also was sent to the ships, the dragon looks like if it weren’t for the ghost commander do so, the earth has long been the king of sharks spot ruined,So Commander Hamm wasn’t so bad after all, all he did was keep Shark from coming back.