Facing the gap period of EXO, Bian Boxian posted an apology late at night: I hope to meet with you as soon as possible

2022-05-30 0 By

After EXO’s success, and later SuperM’s highlight period, Bian has remained in the public eye for several years as the singer of LOVE Beans, SM’s iconic boy band.In the past two years, several solo albums have been released one after another and have successfully broken through the sales volume of millions, so they are also known as “Edge millions” by fans.But even so, in the face of the members of the service period and the combination of the window before, Bian Boxian still did a good role model.On Feb. 6, he apologized to his friends and netizens via his personal social media platform.Bian wrote: ‘I love Ally.I think everyone feels empty these days because of EXO, but I want to see everyone on stage more than anyone else.Thank you for accompanying me through the unforgettable youth.In the future, please take care of us!If you think about it, in recent years, SM’s male group resources have been allocated to NCT and various detachments.And now the NCT American team is being rolled out.But if you are a longtime SM fan, the popularity and status of SM over the past decade is almost entirely due to the efforts of EXO members.At the beginning of its debut, NCT was always in a very awkward situation due to the poor performance of its music works.Under such a big premise, Bian Boxian’s solo album has achieved millions of sales volume, which proves EXO’s fan base is very strong indeed!So how long will it take for everyone to see EXO’s new album?I’m afraid it will be very difficult in the short term.The biggest obstacle is that EXO members are still serving their time.If everyone completes their military service, fans will have to wait at least three years to see EXO in full.In addition, currently in SM’s strategy body, EXO is mainly focused on SOLO activities and team activities.In a sense, byeon’s solo album sales have surpassed those of mainstream male groups.Then as a company, there’s no need to make a new album for the team.Of course, the best outcome for EXO in the future would be to get rid of SM completely and set up their own labels like the predecessors of Super Junior, and all the schedule would be arranged by the members themselves.But that’s not easy!It should be known that the main premise of Super Junior to establish its own label is that all members have deep attainments in their respective fields and Super strong business ability!Even if it is completely free of SM s control, Super Junior can stand on its own with its popularity.But the EXO members were slightly embarrassed by comparison.This is not to say that EXO is not good, but after the failure of previous generations, SM is not willing to give the company’s resources to the popular love peas.On the one hand, excessive concentration of resources on one person can lead to inequality within the team.On the other hand, once the popularity of love beans in the future solo, the company is also a very big loss.Another point is that once a group loses a top member, the future attention of the other members plummets.These are the painful lessons of history for SM.In general, As a core member of EXO, Bian’s every move is of great significance to EXO fans who have supported him over the years.Some new K-pop fans may have seen the rise of BTS and boy bands like Seventeen over the years and thought “EXO’s era is over.”But as long as the Ally’s are around and the members survive their service, “We are One” is not just a slogan, it’s a belief.So how do you hope to see all EXO on stage in the future?Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section.